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Wednesday, December 5, 2012


HAPPY BIRTHDAY MAMA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Hey I hope you have a good birthday today :) Imma eat mcdonalds to celebrate your birthday for ya, deal?

This last week was very eventful. It was a little tough too, no one wants to let us in! So we do a lot of tracting. But a lot of working is not a bad thing :) Luckily we had lunches this last week. The week before we had none. We had dinner twice too, thanks to an amazing family. They`re called the family Gamboa. They always share food with us. She is teaching me how to make empanadas. Hers are sooooooooo good. Mmmm. That`s like all I have eaten since I`ve gotten here to Adrogue is just like empanadas and pizza. I could use some veggies and fruit. BUT I found a blender in my pench so Imma start making smoothies for breakfast.
On wednesday we had Elder Giovani of the seventy come and do the mission tour. After the training meeting, he wanted to work with some elders. And the closest area is the area where the church is, or rather the area Adrogue... so on wednesday we just got to go work for a little bit with a member from the quorum of the 70. That was really cool. Him and his wife came to visit the familia Gamboa with us. They were supposed to come visit our pench and stuff too but there just wasn`t enough time... darn it! ;)
How were the holly days? Are you guys all ready and prepared for christmas alone with coco? That will be fun for you guys. They aren`t sure yet what they are going to do about transfers. Pres doesn`t like the idea about changing the dates, but we`ll see what happens. It`s so nice living with the office elders! I get all the news first :)
That is so crazy that Layken, and Sara, and all of them are coming back from their missions! I was with them in the MTC! That is nuts.
Is it cold now in Utah? It should be winter winter :) And here we are just getting hotter and hotter!
Well I hope all is well, and that you are all happy and healthy! Talk to you soon!!!

Elder Gardner

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