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Monday, December 31, 2012


Hey family!!

So things are going super well. It is pouring rain again as we speak, so that means more floods. Hopefully it`s not too bad. The heat today was terrible, and it sucked with having transfers today and having to haul all of my comps stuff to the mission home. I got my new comp Elder Siler. HE is from Colorado. He`s super cool, and really shy. His trainer was an elder in my MTC district. lol. That`s kind of cool. Elder Siler is still pretty new, and this is his first transfer. Imma break him in ;) Luckily, the senior couples that I skyped at their house are realllllly nice, and they brought his lugguge for us so we didn`t have to bring it on the train. That was soooooo nice.
I didn`t get to sleep last night until like 2 AM, so I am super tired. All of the elders from the coast had to travel yesterday, and they all stayed in our apartment. So we had like 8 people in the pench last night, and yeah. We didn`t sleep much. So I am beat today. Luckily, it`s new years eve and we can`t work tongith because of the danger and all of the fireworks and alcohol. So we just have to stay in. I`m going to make tacos, and then go to bed.
You got me excited about the Nauvoo trip! That sounds like a lot of fun. Out of all your years in the singles ward, I haven`t been able to go on one super activity. And this one will be super fun. I was thinking though, because I just love amusement parks so much, that when you are going to the amusement park, that I just go hang out with Tiff. I think I would like that better. I`d be able to do that right? Just an idea. I could use a brother sister date.
I`m glad you didn`t cry mom :) One thing I did notice from all of you though is how strong your Utah accent is. lol I love it. I had no idea how strong it was! But being away for so long, I am just now realizing it. Elder Sorenson said he couldn`t understand you guys lol. Well mostly Grandpa Gardner, you guys he could understand at least. When he said that I just started singing country songs to him.
Marcela and her family are doing well. We have an appointment with her son this week to work with him for baptism. So that will be good.
Well I love you guys lots! And I`ll talk to you next week :)

Elder Gardner

PS What are your guys` thoughts about school for me? do you think that it would be better to wait until January, or push it and dive in for August? I`d like your input.

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