Argentina, Buenos Aires South Mission

Monday, October 29, 2012


Hey family!!!

So, I made you a video... but it won´t let me load it, because it´s bigger than 25 MB... sorry. Next week I will make it shorter and send it :) Sorry...
Things are going super well!!! This week was awesome. We had 30 lessons this week. The normal is 20, so we felt really good about that. We had a baptism and another was supposed to get baptized, but had a family emergency.. Stupid Satan always getting in the way!!! But this week we should get her baptized so no worries. :) We were really busy this week running from one end of the area to the other. We are working a lot with the priests in the ward to help prepare them for their missions. Some of them have already started their papers! They only have 17 years!!! That is crazy to me. But that is also super awesome for them.
I´m super bummed about the video. I also made some videos for my friends, that are not as long, so I can at least send those, and next week, I will send you a video :) I am super happy right now! Things are going well. i love my area, the ward, the people. It really will be hard to leave ARgentina. Cirila the older lady we baptized a while ago is realllly hillarious. She says the funniest things. she just turned 75 yesterday. She is teaching us Quetchua, and it is hard. We are going to pass by on saturday and bring her something for her birthday. Their son is building a house for them right now, and it is huge (well for Argentines it´s huge). But he doesn´t like buenos aires, and wants to move back to his house in La Tierra de Fuego which is the very tip of south america almost touching antarctica. So he said if he ends up moving back, he would just give us his house. That would be awesome for the missionaries. But I doubt president would accept that. So maybe I´ll just tell him to give it to me so I can have a house here in glew, and can come visit often :)
I´m glad you guys had a good time in Kc and Bransen. I could use a vaca :) Only 9 more months. :) That is nothing. I was talking to my comp yesterday, and I only have 6 transfers left. That is nuts. It is nothing! And weird to think tat you won´t see tiff and ry again until I come home. Weird. I´m thinking that I will just fly home directly to Vernal! If I can. I think I can, because Cadin White left on his mission directly from Vernal so I should be able to fly straight in. Because I don´t really wanna have to travel to SLC and then drive 3 hours home. When I get there, I just wanna be there lol.
Well things are going super well, and I am a happy kid. I´ll get my video thing fixed, and send you one next week. love ya!


Elder Gardner

Monday, October 22, 2012


Hey family!!!


This week has been RAINY!!!!!!!!!! All week just lots of rain. Yay for umbrellas!!! Good thing in Argentina, they don`t have paved roads...

so we just slodge around in mud all day :) My pants are realllllly muddy. My shoes are really nice though, they are very waterproof.

we had two confirmations yesterday, and a baptism as well! We have another baptismal service on saturday with Virgilia and Elsa. They are awesome. We had a cool experience with Virgilia this week. We were unsure if she would make it to baptism, and we went to the lesson that we had with her the other day, and she was waiting for us, she said that right before we got there she got a terrible headache and then she was planning to just tell us that she was sick and couldn`t meet with us, then she layed down and just prayed and asked to feel better.

She said only five seconds after the prayer, she felt fine! She was so excited and happy.

That`s nice nicky and danny finally got into their house! and that you get to go visit tiff and ryan. They need some grandma and grandpa time. And I don`t have any plans to be away for next christmas, so I should be home :) Unless I marry an Argintine or something!


Well family, I love your guts! Hope all is well, and that you enjoy your time in KC ;)




Elder Gardner

Monday, October 15, 2012


Hey family!!!

So, we did have two baptisms yesterday. Two kids of an inactive member. We helped activate her, and baptized her kids. Yay! We have at least 1 or two more planned for this month.
I had one of the most spiritual lessons of my missions on friday. It was awesome. Hopefully he can make it to baptism. We have a combined baptismal service on the 18 of november with the whole stake. (the 18th of nov SHOULD be my last day here in glew) so that day will be really awesome.
My comp is doing awesome. He is such a great missionary. He is helping me become better and better every day, and we are working really hard (don´t worry dad!)
Thanks for sending me that email from Charly, that was really nice of her to say.
Today was ¨lunes limpieza¨ which means monday cleaning... so we cleaned allllll morning. Yay...... but I cleaned eem good. The pench needed a good gardner deep clean.
Wow! A new stake presidency? We got a new area presidency in the area south america south :) lol. Twins! The president (Elder Arnold) stayed the same, and he called two other elders as his councilors.
That´s exciting that nick and danny are in there house. I had a dream about gracy last night, I miss her and bailey lots! Especially when I see little girls that have 4 years, I see them and how big they are, and I can´t believe that they are the same age, and probably talking the same as them, and stuff. They will be 5 by the time I get back. They were barely talking when I left! Gracy could barely say Jerry Potter.
Well things are doing awesome. We are working hard, and loving it. We did service the other day, and I got BURNED!!! bad... I didn´t wear sunblock and my neck is roasted. It is like border line third degree I think, cause I am getting a couple blisters. And it feels GREAT that I have a collared white shirt and a tie :)
Love ya family!!!

Hasta lunes!
 Elder Gardner

Monday, October 8, 2012


Hey family!!!

So the news for the new missionary age was huge. We all screamed in shock when he said that. lol. Although peru and mexico and chile were already at 18, so we had several missionaries here with only 18 years. but it´s exciting! And a lot better for the kids that leave so that they don´t lose a year doing nothing if they are ready to go. I would have liked to leave directly on my birthday in stead, because it was hard to leave schooling, and now it will be hard to return after a two year break. So that will be good for them. And for sister missionaries, that was cool too.
Yeah go ahead and ask Tobin for his email or something. And don´t worry about Clark. I just promised the member I´d ask for him :)
Question. Would it be super hard for you to another pair of shoes? My comp needs shoes REALLY bad. lol. And he likes the pair that I have. I was thinking it would be good to send some in my christmas package so that he will have them soon. He said he would pay for them. The brand is Ecco and they are a gore-tex model. he is a size 42 in european size. Which is I think... 8 1/2 but you should double check :) If you can´t do it, that´s fine. But I thought to ask for him. I keep giving you lots of homework to do :)
This last week went well. We have a lot of improvemetn to do, but we are getting there. I don´t want to say to much for high hopes, but we should have 3 baptisms on sunday. I hope everyone will make it :) That´d be awesome. And then two for the next week, and another for the week after :) The work is going well in Glew! I didn´t get transferred, so I will be staying here until November at least like Pres told me. We´ll see how it goes.  After a year of being here :) But I love the area, and the people. I promised the members I would make them tacos this week lol. OH! That´s another good idea for christmas to tell other people or whatever but taco seasoning :) We make tacos so much here, and we just put like salt, and garlic, and beef seasoning because ther eis no taco seasoning. Some hot sauce would be delightful as well.
Well family. I am doing well! I love my comp, I love my area, I love the church!
Oh yeah, I love you guys too :)


Elder Gardner

Monday, October 1, 2012



Things are doing really well. We found 12 new people last week, so that is neat. We are just burning rubber right now, and moving forward. It`s so weird to think that this coming transfer should be my last in Glew. That is weird seeing as how I have been here 1/2 my mission, but a change will be good. The members are doing well, and we are getting really good church asistance right now because it is warming up :) Argentines... The don`t come to church if it`s cold, or rainy. It`s so funny whenever we invite people to church they will say yes, but only if it`s not raining. Lol.
We committed 5 people to baptism this week, so that is cool. All for the 14 and 21 of october. So we should have some baptisms this month. The standard for the mission is two a month. Yesterday, we taught the fifth lesson too! lol. We kind of just yelled at the members to help us, and that we can`t do missionary work alone, but they all got the idea :) I wasn`t nervous yesterday either, first time. Usually if I`m nervous and I have to speak or something, spanish is really hard for me, but I did fine yesterday so that is improvement.
General conference! I am super stoked. Glew is the stake center so all the stake comes to glew to watch it and it`s via satellite. And the stake president is nice, and sets up a room for the english speakers to watch it live. So taht is awesome. It`s always sort of a big party. We all just buy tons of junk food and party. Plus we have 4 chances to get investigators to watch it so that always is awesome too.
Three things I wanted to comment..
1. For Christams, I need more socks... lol. Mine are all holy. (get it :) ) and I need like 15 pairs. Ties are always good too. Plus I want a christmas CD that is the Mormon Tab choir singing with David Archuleta. If you can find it, that would be AMAZING!!! :)
2. Can you send me an absent balet to vote?? Just a question... I would like to vote if I can.
3. There is a member that asked me if I know construction workers that could use help in the states. I thought directly of Clark Flake because he speaks spanish. I said I would ask and try to get his email address or something to put him in contact with Clark. I have no idea if Clark even lives in Vernal, I don`t remember. But yeah.

Well things are going super well. Tiff sent me pics of the NYC trip, it looks like we all had a good time, I was there in spirit :)

Chaocito! Un beso

Elder Gardner