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Monday, December 24, 2012


Hey fam fam!

So this last week was kind of slow, but still crazy. We don`t have too many people to teach, and we can`t even get in with many of the members so that makes for some long days some times. But things are going well. We are coming up with some new plans for the ward that should go really well. So we`ll see :) We had another rainy day this week, but twice as bad as the one from the week before. It rained, but right as it started raining, like immediately there was like 6 inches of water in the streets. We walked just from the church to the apartment, only like 6 blocks, and we were SOAKED. My shoes are pretty much destroyed lol. Good thing I have two pairs. But the streets just turned into rivers, and the actual river that is in our area raised 30 feet and flooded ALL the houses near. Including the three members` homes... so we had some service to do this week. One member completely lost his house and all of his belongings and had to move out. Another member was a little more prepared and the water just entered and then left without destroying anything. The other one lives on teh banks and the house was just a mess. It went up to MY waist so it was about 3.5 feet high in the house, and just filled the house with mud. It was a mess. We just cleaned in the house for like 4 hours on wednesday.
On saturday we did do our FHE and made crikey burgers. They were sooooo good. We grilled burgers, and pineapple, and had teryaki sauce and fried eggs and everything. Mmmmm. It was sooo good. I felt at home :)
The family with the lady that we just baptized, we visited on tuesday and they said that when they got back from church after the baptism their 18 yr old son asked if the mom actually got baptized, then double checked if his sister and dad were baptized too, when they all said yes he was like THEN WHY HAVEN`T YOU BAPTIZED ME YET! So we`re going to start teaching him after christmas :) That was cool.
Elder Sorenson and I are having a lot of fun together, maybe a little too much :) But he is leaving on monday so I`ll be getting a new comp.
We decided tomorrow I will call you guys with skype at 11 our time, which is 7 your time, (I think). Double check. And then I`ll have like 40 minutes with you guys and try to skype with tiff and nick too. We`ll see. But that is the plan. Sorry it`s so early but it`s the only time we have because we`ll be at the mission home all day. Elder Mayer is one of the senior couples serving right now in our ward and he spoke in sacrement meeting yesterday about all of their family traditions for christmas, and it made me miss you guys lots! They talked about all the yummy food, and about doing the natiity scene and everything lol. I laughed.
Well I hope you have a merry christmas, and we`ll talk tomorrow!!!!!!!!


Elder Gardner

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