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Monday, December 17, 2012


Hey family!!!! So things are doing well. This weekend Marcela did get baptized :) She told us we have 2 months to baptize her other son, because she wants to make it in the temple when she hits a year as member. So that is cool :) That family is amazing. We will definitely be visiting them when we come back. So a Uintah Basin barbeque sounds soooo good. Sooooo good that my comp and I were talking about it last weekend, and we planned a huge FHE party at the church for this week. We are making Crikey burgers :) We are splurging... We`re going to do burgers, with grilled pineapple, fried eggs, bacon, cheese, teryaki sauce, and with veggies. I am SO excited. :) We`re doing that on saturday with Leo and Marcela and their family and friends.
So, SURPRISE! I got a new companion. So you guys remember how I live with all of the office elders, well my comp Elder Romanella got called as the new apartment coordinador for the mission, and so he just switched places with one of the office elders who was finished training the new secretary. So now my new comp right now is Elder Sorenson, he is from San Diego. It`s kind of really nice to have a white comp again after so long lol. But yeah, he is cool.
So the last two weeks in church, I`ve had to play the piano during sacrement. I`ve actually gotten a lot better at the piano since I`ve been here. I`ve learned a lot of hymns. So that`s cool. Also yesterday I taught the lesson in priesthood.
We found two new really awesome investigators this week. They went to the church where the assistants are because they want the elders to rent their apartments, so we went by, and taught them. They are awesome.  We started teaching about adam and eve, and she basically just recited second nephi chapter 2 without ever reading it. She is super prepared. She, and her son both want to get baptized on the 29 of diciembre. So that would be super awesome. :) We are still just doing a lot of walking around, doing contacts, and looking for old investigators and inactive members. It`s tiring, but that means I am able to sleep REALLY well at nights :)
So the new date for me coming home is for sure the 15 of July. Did you get an email too? Or just me? That is crazy. And yeah, I`m happy you guys want to come back in the spring :) It will be so much better.
So for the christmas call, I think we are going to do it tuesday morning. I`ll call you about 11 AM our time, so like 8 AM your time. The mission president invited my comp and I to eat at their house to eat for christmas dinner so we`ll be there all night, so I think morning will be best.
Tell grandma I love her a lot, and thank you so much for the letter, and for the christmas stuff. I love the tie! I wear it all the time :) It is a realllllly nice tie.
I`m going to try to send more pictures, we`ll see how they turn out. The computers here suck so it makes it a little difficult. But I love you guys lots, and I hope all is well!!!

Elder Gardner

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