Argentina, Buenos Aires South Mission

Saturday, July 13, 2013


Hey family!!!!!

Today was a crazy day, we had our capital trip. haha It was basically like the one I did the other day. BUT It was in a bus, so a lot better than walking. I got some cool pictures, and some new ideas to take you guys to cool places.
I had my exit interview today! That was weird.... especially because it was with my new president! This is what he said about marriage.... Now elder, when someone has been fasting for a long time, even a tuna sandwich looks good. DON`T EAT THE TUNA SANDWICH.  HAHAHAHAAH I laughed sooo hard. It was awesome.
Which Smuin is going to Bahia Blanca? That is the mission right beneath me. It`s a lot colder there. Hopefully it all works out for him and his visa...
Awe man I have soooo many crazy feelings about ending! I am sooooo excited to see you guys, but thinking about not being apart of all of THIS is something I don`t like. But it doesn`t end here :) That`s the good thing.
I can`t wait to get home and show you guys pictures and stuff. It`s be awesome. Ihave no idea how it`s going to be when I see you guys in the airport. It`s going to be super weird. I look totally different haha. And I`m sure you guys have changed a lot too!
Tomorrow I go to the temple! I`m going to say hi to the Rusts ;) I`m excited for the temple. It`ll be good for me. It`ll rejuvinate me!!!!
I got suuuuper sick again this week. Fevers... squitters.... migrains.... the works. Monday tuesday and wednesday I was out almost completely. It was terrible. But thank goodness for tylenol! And that I brought a lot... ahha. It helped a lot. And yes mom I drank lots of fluids. But no one brought me my iced seven up like I like and my toast with hot jello.
Last night I was tlaking to Elder _______, who is in my district. He is from Altamont and we just talked about the indians for like 10 minutes haha it was awesome to talk to someone who understands the uintah basin.
Well I better go, I`ve got to get back to my area real quick! WE`re still on divisions for the day and I have to get back to my comp :) I love you guys soooooo much! And I will call you when I get to Dallas, or to Denver or something. If not, Iwill see you at 3:54 at the vernal airport on tuesday :)

Elder Gardner