Argentina, Buenos Aires South Mission

Monday, October 29, 2012


Hey family!!!

So, I made you a video... but it won´t let me load it, because it´s bigger than 25 MB... sorry. Next week I will make it shorter and send it :) Sorry...
Things are going super well!!! This week was awesome. We had 30 lessons this week. The normal is 20, so we felt really good about that. We had a baptism and another was supposed to get baptized, but had a family emergency.. Stupid Satan always getting in the way!!! But this week we should get her baptized so no worries. :) We were really busy this week running from one end of the area to the other. We are working a lot with the priests in the ward to help prepare them for their missions. Some of them have already started their papers! They only have 17 years!!! That is crazy to me. But that is also super awesome for them.
I´m super bummed about the video. I also made some videos for my friends, that are not as long, so I can at least send those, and next week, I will send you a video :) I am super happy right now! Things are going well. i love my area, the ward, the people. It really will be hard to leave ARgentina. Cirila the older lady we baptized a while ago is realllly hillarious. She says the funniest things. she just turned 75 yesterday. She is teaching us Quetchua, and it is hard. We are going to pass by on saturday and bring her something for her birthday. Their son is building a house for them right now, and it is huge (well for Argentines it´s huge). But he doesn´t like buenos aires, and wants to move back to his house in La Tierra de Fuego which is the very tip of south america almost touching antarctica. So he said if he ends up moving back, he would just give us his house. That would be awesome for the missionaries. But I doubt president would accept that. So maybe I´ll just tell him to give it to me so I can have a house here in glew, and can come visit often :)
I´m glad you guys had a good time in Kc and Bransen. I could use a vaca :) Only 9 more months. :) That is nothing. I was talking to my comp yesterday, and I only have 6 transfers left. That is nuts. It is nothing! And weird to think tat you won´t see tiff and ry again until I come home. Weird. I´m thinking that I will just fly home directly to Vernal! If I can. I think I can, because Cadin White left on his mission directly from Vernal so I should be able to fly straight in. Because I don´t really wanna have to travel to SLC and then drive 3 hours home. When I get there, I just wanna be there lol.
Well things are going super well, and I am a happy kid. I´ll get my video thing fixed, and send you one next week. love ya!


Elder Gardner

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