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Monday, October 22, 2012


Hey family!!!


This week has been RAINY!!!!!!!!!! All week just lots of rain. Yay for umbrellas!!! Good thing in Argentina, they don`t have paved roads...

so we just slodge around in mud all day :) My pants are realllllly muddy. My shoes are really nice though, they are very waterproof.

we had two confirmations yesterday, and a baptism as well! We have another baptismal service on saturday with Virgilia and Elsa. They are awesome. We had a cool experience with Virgilia this week. We were unsure if she would make it to baptism, and we went to the lesson that we had with her the other day, and she was waiting for us, she said that right before we got there she got a terrible headache and then she was planning to just tell us that she was sick and couldn`t meet with us, then she layed down and just prayed and asked to feel better.

She said only five seconds after the prayer, she felt fine! She was so excited and happy.

That`s nice nicky and danny finally got into their house! and that you get to go visit tiff and ryan. They need some grandma and grandpa time. And I don`t have any plans to be away for next christmas, so I should be home :) Unless I marry an Argintine or something!


Well family, I love your guts! Hope all is well, and that you enjoy your time in KC ;)




Elder Gardner

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