Argentina, Buenos Aires South Mission

Monday, October 8, 2012


Hey family!!!

So the news for the new missionary age was huge. We all screamed in shock when he said that. lol. Although peru and mexico and chile were already at 18, so we had several missionaries here with only 18 years. but it´s exciting! And a lot better for the kids that leave so that they don´t lose a year doing nothing if they are ready to go. I would have liked to leave directly on my birthday in stead, because it was hard to leave schooling, and now it will be hard to return after a two year break. So that will be good for them. And for sister missionaries, that was cool too.
Yeah go ahead and ask Tobin for his email or something. And don´t worry about Clark. I just promised the member I´d ask for him :)
Question. Would it be super hard for you to another pair of shoes? My comp needs shoes REALLY bad. lol. And he likes the pair that I have. I was thinking it would be good to send some in my christmas package so that he will have them soon. He said he would pay for them. The brand is Ecco and they are a gore-tex model. he is a size 42 in european size. Which is I think... 8 1/2 but you should double check :) If you can´t do it, that´s fine. But I thought to ask for him. I keep giving you lots of homework to do :)
This last week went well. We have a lot of improvemetn to do, but we are getting there. I don´t want to say to much for high hopes, but we should have 3 baptisms on sunday. I hope everyone will make it :) That´d be awesome. And then two for the next week, and another for the week after :) The work is going well in Glew! I didn´t get transferred, so I will be staying here until November at least like Pres told me. We´ll see how it goes.  After a year of being here :) But I love the area, and the people. I promised the members I would make them tacos this week lol. OH! That´s another good idea for christmas to tell other people or whatever but taco seasoning :) We make tacos so much here, and we just put like salt, and garlic, and beef seasoning because ther eis no taco seasoning. Some hot sauce would be delightful as well.
Well family. I am doing well! I love my comp, I love my area, I love the church!
Oh yeah, I love you guys too :)


Elder Gardner

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