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Monday, October 15, 2012


Hey family!!!

So, we did have two baptisms yesterday. Two kids of an inactive member. We helped activate her, and baptized her kids. Yay! We have at least 1 or two more planned for this month.
I had one of the most spiritual lessons of my missions on friday. It was awesome. Hopefully he can make it to baptism. We have a combined baptismal service on the 18 of november with the whole stake. (the 18th of nov SHOULD be my last day here in glew) so that day will be really awesome.
My comp is doing awesome. He is such a great missionary. He is helping me become better and better every day, and we are working really hard (don´t worry dad!)
Thanks for sending me that email from Charly, that was really nice of her to say.
Today was ¨lunes limpieza¨ which means monday cleaning... so we cleaned allllll morning. Yay...... but I cleaned eem good. The pench needed a good gardner deep clean.
Wow! A new stake presidency? We got a new area presidency in the area south america south :) lol. Twins! The president (Elder Arnold) stayed the same, and he called two other elders as his councilors.
That´s exciting that nick and danny are in there house. I had a dream about gracy last night, I miss her and bailey lots! Especially when I see little girls that have 4 years, I see them and how big they are, and I can´t believe that they are the same age, and probably talking the same as them, and stuff. They will be 5 by the time I get back. They were barely talking when I left! Gracy could barely say Jerry Potter.
Well things are doing awesome. We are working hard, and loving it. We did service the other day, and I got BURNED!!! bad... I didn´t wear sunblock and my neck is roasted. It is like border line third degree I think, cause I am getting a couple blisters. And it feels GREAT that I have a collared white shirt and a tie :)
Love ya family!!!

Hasta lunes!
 Elder Gardner

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