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Monday, October 1, 2012



Things are doing really well. We found 12 new people last week, so that is neat. We are just burning rubber right now, and moving forward. It`s so weird to think that this coming transfer should be my last in Glew. That is weird seeing as how I have been here 1/2 my mission, but a change will be good. The members are doing well, and we are getting really good church asistance right now because it is warming up :) Argentines... The don`t come to church if it`s cold, or rainy. It`s so funny whenever we invite people to church they will say yes, but only if it`s not raining. Lol.
We committed 5 people to baptism this week, so that is cool. All for the 14 and 21 of october. So we should have some baptisms this month. The standard for the mission is two a month. Yesterday, we taught the fifth lesson too! lol. We kind of just yelled at the members to help us, and that we can`t do missionary work alone, but they all got the idea :) I wasn`t nervous yesterday either, first time. Usually if I`m nervous and I have to speak or something, spanish is really hard for me, but I did fine yesterday so that is improvement.
General conference! I am super stoked. Glew is the stake center so all the stake comes to glew to watch it and it`s via satellite. And the stake president is nice, and sets up a room for the english speakers to watch it live. So taht is awesome. It`s always sort of a big party. We all just buy tons of junk food and party. Plus we have 4 chances to get investigators to watch it so that always is awesome too.
Three things I wanted to comment..
1. For Christams, I need more socks... lol. Mine are all holy. (get it :) ) and I need like 15 pairs. Ties are always good too. Plus I want a christmas CD that is the Mormon Tab choir singing with David Archuleta. If you can find it, that would be AMAZING!!! :)
2. Can you send me an absent balet to vote?? Just a question... I would like to vote if I can.
3. There is a member that asked me if I know construction workers that could use help in the states. I thought directly of Clark Flake because he speaks spanish. I said I would ask and try to get his email address or something to put him in contact with Clark. I have no idea if Clark even lives in Vernal, I don`t remember. But yeah.

Well things are going super well. Tiff sent me pics of the NYC trip, it looks like we all had a good time, I was there in spirit :)

Chaocito! Un beso

Elder Gardner

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