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Monday, September 24, 2012


Hey family!!!!

Things are doing AMAZING!!! I`m super happy, and almost 100 percent better with being sick. I still have the trail ends of a chest cold, but almost better :) It doens`t help that one day it`s super nice and hot, and the next day it`s freezing cold with rain and tornado winds. lol. But we`re getting through it :)
We were lucky enough to have a baptism on saturday! She was raised speaking Quetchua, which is the Indian language of Bolivia.  I`ve been told that historians have said that Quetchua and Guarani are the two languages closest to the language that the Nephites and Lamanites would have spoken :) Makes ya think a little. But she is so cute lol. She says the funniest things. Her son is a member thank goodness, and understands Quetchua. He lives in La Tierra de Fuego, which is the most southern part of Argentina, we call it the end of the earth ;)  She asked me to baptise her, so that was a cool experience. After she was baptized, she just looked up at me and said ¨how beautiful!¨ She is so sweet.
On saturday we also were able to find a new investigator!
I am gaining a little weight, but that`s okay, because I was so skinny. Plus it has been winter, so I`ve been hybernating. But once summer starts, I`ll sweat it all off. :)
Well family, things are going well for us here in Glew! The ward is starting to get in action, and we are finding lots of new people. When I first got to glew about 45 people came to sacrement. Yesterday we had 67, and 9 of them were investigators :) So I`m pretty happy right now.
I love ya family! And I hope all is going well.

Elder Gardner

Ps. Look at you guys enjoying life and going to visit Peegs :) Me alegro!!!!!

HAsta luego

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