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Monday, April 30, 2012


Hey fam,

All is well. It is winter! Sweaters, and my big coat all the time now lol. Today was a semi nice day so we played soccer this morning. Then we went to downtown to go have some fun, but because it`s a holiday, we have no money... lol. The transaction hasn`t gone through on our missionary cards.  We got some subway, and now we`re here writing! La Plata is so cool. I love it. It`s a lot colder, but I like it a lot. I`ll probably be here for a while though. There is still one kid who came with me who is still in his first area. It`s rare to already have three areas. The zone leader with me only has 5 and he goes home at the end of this transfer. Oh ps, the zone leaders name is Elder Martindale, from price. He was best friends with Branden Gagnon. Branden went on a mission to Africa, and already is home.

So the new area is nice. It`s small, and there aren`t any villa areas. It`s actually the nicest area I`ve been in. It has it`s poor parts, but there`s not too many. We have a couple really cool investigators, and I`m excited to find some more.

The ward is huge! So many active members, that`s nice to see. And we have lunch every day. It`s really nice. We are planning to do skype, but we go to church at 2-5 our time you guys are 3 hours behind, so we`ll talk and see when we are planning to do it. I`m guessing if we have to call, we`ll just go to the church and call for free.

my comp is awesome. I want to send pics, but the usb port is locked up. I can`t find where to plug it in. I`ll keep looking. Elder Wheelers sister just got married in the bogotà temple in columbia, he was happy for her.

We`ve been working a lot with looking through inactive members, and old investigators, because we don`t have very many. We only have like 2 or 3 real investigators. Which doesn`t fill up the agenda all day 7 days a week... lol. But that`s okay, we`re doing well.

It was Elder Martindales birthday on Sat, we had a big party for him. Elder Wheelers birthday is the 18th too, so we are just going to party it up here in Villa Elvira.

I have finally hit 9 months. I don`t feel tooooo young in the mission anymore. I still have a long way to go, but it`s a good chunk.

Well I love ya guys! I`m doing well, and I`ll talk to ya soon.

Elder Gardner

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