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Monday, April 2, 2012


Things are going great here in Glew. We´re all energized from the GC. No, not Golden Corral, General Conference :) We had a blast this weekend, all the yankee elders got together and the stake president put it up in a different room in English for us. WOOT! It was so nice to watch it in English. Boy, I miss that language. Neither investigators came. One tried, but he got home too late. But he showed up right when it ended.  We´ve officially dropped the other.   Sad, but we can´t waste our time anymore. I was actually really upset when we got back from conference because we didn´t know about the one yet, and that he had attempted to come. Elder Reynolds and I were talking about how upset we were and he says imagine how Jesus feels? It´s so true though. I feel upset because of how much we´ve worked for these investigators and I feel like they should have done more. Imagine how Jesus feels as he sacrificed himself for us. And then almost immediately the recent talk of President Uchtdorf popped in my head. His talk about forgiveness to others, and the law of mercy from our Heavenly Father only takes affect if we show mercy to others. So, from that we decided to give Pablo another chance. I thought a lot about it all night. Like I said last week, I´m not here for me, I´m here for the Lord. I need to stop worrying about ME and MY feelings and thing about what he would want and do. That is really hard to do sometimes.

Sorry, But I didn´t have too much time for pictures this week. I´ll try next week when it´s a little bit less hectic. Today we needed to take money off our cards, but they have taken all the ATM´s out of Glew. So we were traveling all over and none of the other ATM´s had money so we had to travel to three different cities to get our money out today... LAME! It took us three hours :/ Oh well I guess, we have to eat right?

I hope you guys enjoy your Easter camping trip this weekend!

Talk to you next week,

Elder Gardner

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