Argentina, Buenos Aires South Mission

Monday, April 16, 2012


Hola padres.

how are you guys doing? I`m doing well.

This last week was amazing! We had some really great lessons, and it was just great. We have plans for 5 baptisms this week, but we`ll see. It seems all of our plans fall through, but these ones are really looking well. And then, an investigator we`ve had for like 3 months just finally accepted to be baptised. I can`t believe it. We had such a great spiritual lesson with him and it was almost 100% inspiration. The spirit was so strong, and he is getting baptised the 29 of april. We also found like 8 new investigators this week, a whole entire family. And we found some old investigators doing contacts this last week. They were investigators 8 years ago, but got bored. So, wè`re passing by tomorrow, and we`re going to make sure they are excited :) Wow, the work is picking up. I`m a happy camper. We are working hard still and hoping for the best. The only thing that scares me a little bit is transfers! They are here in a week. My comp and I both feel like I`m leaving... which would kind of suck when I`ve worked so hard in this area and am finally reaping benefits and then I have to leave. But I will go where the Lord wants me to go. There would be a reason for it. 

We had some fun FHE`s this past week. With the french toast, and with the cobbler. lol. They loved it. Not as good as ductch oven, but it sufficed. 

I`ve seen a little bit more improvement with the language lately, with understanding people. Now I am better at understanding people than speaking lol. But I`m still doing great. I think I might be getting a Latin comp for my next one. I`ve gone a good while without one. That would be okay with me, I could use a couple weeks speaking only spanish. I`m just glad it is now instead of my first couple of weeks. 

9 months. it doesn`t seem like that is too long compared to 24. But it`s still a good chunk. I heard from 6 months to a year is the longest part of the mission. It kind of feels like it. And then once you hit a year it just sales downhill because you know a lot and are just working through it. So we`ll see! But right now, I still feel very young in the mission and a year and 3 months still seems a long ways a way. 

OH! Also, I think that I can fly directly to the Vernal airport when I come home. That would be super nice. Because I remember Cadin left directly from the Vernal airport to go to England, so I`m sure I could do  the same on the way home. 

I heard Argentina stopped all trade with the US? How odd! I don`t know if it`s true or not..

Well love ya fam!

Elder Gardner

And for bday package, I`m not too worried about anything, and don`t really need anything. I`m doing great! 

I did get your last package, did I tell you that? 

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