Argentina, Buenos Aires South Mission

Monday, May 7, 2012


Hey fam!

How ya`ll doin? I`m doing super well. I had some more subway for lunch, and we had an uno (the cards) battle with the other elders and sisters, it was so much fun. FYI Amber, Ali, and Casey, I have taught half of the elders in our mission Ultimate Uno. Yeah, we all love it.

I will send Peg a letter when I get the package, we won`t get packages for a while. They might be at the mission home, but I won`t get them for a week or two at least. No worries about the entertainment center.

Sounds like a lot is happening in Vernal in the baby business.

A lot of the members here are Peruanos from Peru, and so I`ve been eating a ton of food from Peru. Mmmmm. Spicy. Argentina has no idea what spicy is, they think that the pepper we put on food is spicy. But the Bolivians, and Peruanos know how to make things spicy.

This week was a pretty good week. It was a little rough for me, but I`m headed in the right direction :) I got discouraged a couple times, so thanks for the Hinckley quote. But I`ve learned that attitude is soooooo important. Attitude really makes all the difference. If things don`t happen how I want, I can`t get upset or worry about it. It`s best just to move forward with faith, and a positive attitude.

We took out three baptismal fechas with a family of 3 this week. Woot! For the 26 of mayo. I hope everything works out. It was really cool. On Thursday, we taught an 8 yr old boy with his grandma who is a recent convert. We taught him, and he agreed to be baptized. The next day, we went to invite him to church, and his mom came out to talk to us. And we talked to her very frankly and invited her to be baptized as well the same day as her son, and she accepted as well! THEN, the Sunday after, the 8 yr old came, the mother couldn`t because she has bad health, but his sister came. We talked to her after church and she really liked it, so we invited her to get baptized with the rest of her family, and she accepted. Woot! lol. That part of the week was really cool.

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