Argentina, Buenos Aires South Mission

Monday, April 23, 2012


Well... a lot has happened in the last week.

First off, we had some problems with our baptisms, so we only ended up baptising 2 out of the 5. I`m happy that two were able to, but 5 would have been so much better. Supposedly, this coming week. I sure hope so for their sake. Second off... I GOT TRANSFERRED! I am now in La Plata. I have officially left the metropolis of Buenos Aires. It is very rare to leave the city. Out of 250 missionaries, about 42 aren`t in Buenos Aires. So, we have buenoes aires which is a province, and the city is the capitol of Argentina, but La Plata is the capitol of Buenos Aires. All of the government stuff is here, and it`s BEAUTIFUL. It`s clean too. lol. There is a lot less garbage on the streets. I`m supre excited though. My new comp is Elder Wheeler, from Columbia. Yupp, my first Latin comp. He is really cool. He`s 22 just about and has about 17 months in the mission. We share an area with the zone leaders, and they are both awesome. We also live with them in the same apartment which I hear is beatiful. It took us about 2, 2.5 hours to get here by train. You should google La Plata, it`s amazing. It`s city, city too. I don`t know about my area yet, we haven`t gone. I ate at BURGER KING today. MMMMMMM. I downed a steakhouse burger, fries, and a brownie milkshake like none other. IT was sooooo good. lol. There is a McD`s here too. WOOT! My area is called Villa Elvira. So a little tip about Argentina, there are things called villas. They are like... the ghetto of the U.S. They are the poorer people with very humble homes and there is a lot of crime there. So, I am headed to a villa. lol. Okay! I`m not worried, I have no idea if it is all villa or what but we`ll see in about an hour. I actually am reallllly happy to be here. I was not wanting to get transferred because there are plans in Glew to baptise about 7 people within the next month, and they are all looking pretty promising, but I know I`m here for a reason, and I love the area. We`re definitely going to visit La Plata.

Mothers day, we will skype. I forgot my password... so I`m going to try to figure that all out before mothers day. And we go to church at 2 in the afternoon, so we will probably call later in the day. I have no idea though. We`ll see. I`ll double check. will you do me a favor? And pay my tithing on my tax return? I would wait and do it, but I`m afraid I will forget to do it.

I`m glad you liked the pictures. I was going to send more today because of the baptisms, and I have a ton from saying goodbyes to everyone yesterday, but `my camer is packed way down in my luggage. My suitcases are falling apart :/ I might have to buy new ones here soon. We`ll see. The wheel on one broke, so that makes it reallllly hard to do transfers lol and then the other one ,the stitching is separating where the handle is so when you pull it, it almost just falls apart. It might make it through one more transfer.... maybe.

The weather here is chilly and beautiful. With a sweater, I feel amazing. No more sweating all day, and all night. So, with the language. I have a Latin comp, so I will be speaking spanish all the time! It will be good for me. And speaking in sacrement, I`ve only done an actual talk once. But they always ask us to bear our testimonies. Especially when we are entering or leaving an area. My glasses are doing well. I only use them when I study in the mornings. I don`t like to wear them out in public because it basically screams hey! I`m American, ROB ME! Plus, it`s a pain when you sweat so much. But I do use them in the mornings.

Well that`s all the great news for this last week, baptisms and transfers. I`m content though.

Talk to you guys in a week!

Love ya!

Elder Gardner

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