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Monday, April 9, 2012


Hola Fam!

I´m glad you guys had a blast camping :) I am a lil jealous, but I can wait a year and 3.5 months. How crazy is that? Soon, I´ll have 9 months. It seems like that´s not very much compared to 24, but that´s a long time. And then I´ll have a year!

Yeah, we heard about the Argentine consulate. How weird right? Only 7 per week... I´m positive you two won´t need a visa to visit, it´s just to live. But honestly, they could send the missionaries out here without visas. I have had zero problems. It would be safer to have the visas, but yeah. Two elders in my zone were stopped and asked for goverment papers, so it was good that they had them. Because if they didn´t, they would have probably robbed them. The police here are... not really police. Only in capitál are the policemen real police. Crazy Argentina. I´m pretty sure that we would have to pay for my ticket, i´m still trying to verify though. If we do, it would just be better to go in the nice weather. I would say november is a good time. It´s right before the hot part of summer, and before heavy tourism. So, if we wanted to go to the beach, we could with less tourists and stuff. That´d be nice.

Elder Reynolds and I think I´m getting transferred this transfer. We´ll see. I wouldn´t mind leaving, but we also just had the work pick up. As of now, all of the planned baptisms are the sunday before, but if anything happens, I´ll miss the baptisms of the people I´m treaching right now, which would suck. But I´m not here for the numbers, I still am helping the people. But it would still be nice to be there and see them.

We found 4 new people this week to teach. 3 of them are cousins to some recent converts. They are awesome little kids. They want to learn a lot. The other is a daughter of an inactive member who has a mental disability. It´s so humbling teacher her. She is so cute though. She loves learning about God. This week should go a lot smoother than the last few weeks. Last week went well, but this week should be better.

Casey said it´s rumor that David Archuleta is going to Argentina on his mission. He´s in the MTC right now. So who knows, maybe I´ll be his new comp ;) lol.

We had a massive Uno tourny today. It was fun. I love my zone right now. My last one didn´t get along very well, but this zone is awesome. I traded some ties today, I got some new nice looking ones :)

Well That´s about it for this week!

Talk to you soon. I´m still working on pics for ya.

Elder Gardner

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