Argentina, Buenos Aires South Mission

Monday, March 26, 2012


Hey family!!

Thanks for the updates :) Everything seems ever-changing in Vernal. Hard to believe! I wish I could be there to help with the trailer carport. We did a lot of service this week, and have more planned for next week. I am especiallyliking the meals that follow ther service activities :) The camper seems fun. I can`t wait to get home and enjoy it with you! 

I am happy, and healthy :) The members are amazing right now, and very helpful with the meals. We`ve been getting lunches, and several dinners! (which is really rare). We have an FHE tonight. We`re watching the testaments, and eating empanadas. MMMMM. My fav. 

This last week was long, and slow again. I hope we`re not in a slow patch. We`re working hard and trying to find new people, while retaining our current investigators. It`s hard to do when they are not complying. BUt, they are so close we don`t want to drop them just yet. We`re praying for them. And as another surprise, our old investigator came back and wants to get baptized, but he didn`t come to church, nor did he show up to our appointment. 
One day this last week, almost every single one of our plans and appointments fodged us. So, we spent the whole day clapping houses. The thing was that no one even came outside to talk to us, and the few that did wouldn`t even let us speak before shaking their fingers and going back inside. It was a long, hard day. But my comp helped me change my perspective that the Lord needs to teach us something. And we need to learn it before it can get better. So my prayers have changed from please help us have success, to help me open my eyes. I`m here on the Lord`s errand, not mine. I am here by his request and in this area through his inspiration to our president. I only hope my eyes are opened enough to accomplish what I am here to do. 

The members here have become my family. I`ve been here for four months in this area. It`s a great area. It`s so true what every missionary says that you just fall in love with the people. They are such great examples. One recent convert really wants to come to Utah to visit the Salt Lake temple. I told her if she can come, she has a place to stay, I hope you don`t mind :) 

Well we have a zone activity today. MOVIES!!! I can`t wait. We watched Tangled at the last activity. lol. I miss movies A LOT. All my friends went to California and disneyland for spring break and sent my pictures. JEALOUS! Lol. But that`s okay, I`m VERY happywith where I am. It just gives me good, fun things to look forward to when I come home. 

I love you guys! I still have photos to send from my last baptism. I`ll try to remember next week :) 


Elder Gardner

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