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Monday, January 30, 2012


Hey fam!

I got the package. Well one of them lol. The one with the sweater, powder, peanut butter, and sd card reader. Thank you so much for that. I´m hoping the one with the sweater vests has the USB drives? I haven´t gotten that one yet. I just sent an email with some pictures. I´m doing another picture email as well. 

I feel a lot better :) there is still a little soreness, and blue bruises still, but I feel better. I really wasn´t hurt that bad at all. The bike is already fixed! 200 pesos later... lol. But it´s fine. 

That´s too bad about Grandpa Bob. I pray for the best for him, whatever that is. And I already have two pairs of thermal garments. I bought them when I bought my first round in Vernal.  We´ll see how they go, and how cold it is. I heard it´s... breath taking cold. And it´s even worse because there are no heaters, and all the homes are cement, so it´s just freezing. We´ll see! I might need some plain thermal underwears, but we´ll see. I don´t want you to send them and then me not use them. 

I´m glad you found a place for the elk :) I keep the picture of the elk with all the ones I show families we visit and they love it too. 

As of three days ago I completed my 6 month mark. I also got a new companion today! Elder  Reynolds from Layton. He is great, I´m excited to work with him. 

I miss the family a lot! But I´m getting taken care of here. This last week I got two asados. They are realllly big and expensive barbecues. They just cook like tons and tons of meat, and we just eat as much as possible lol. We had chorizo, prime rib, ribs, chicken and more. they just cook it all over an open fire. It{s sooooo good. We had one with a nice non-member family this last weekfor lunch (they gave us dinner two other times that week as well) and then two recent converts wanted to have one with Elder Hill before he left so we got one last night. Plus they cooked us steak friday night, and sunday afternoon before we went to their asado for us, Francisco our ward missionary cooked us our usual sunday steak as well. We eat well here. lol. Lots of meat :)

We have one investigator  we´re working hard with. He seems interested, but he keeps fodging us because he has a hectic schedule. We´ll see how it goes this week. We´ve started up the english class again and are teaching every friday night. Missions are busy!   But you know me, I love busy. It´s dead summer here, so everyone is out vacationing in the coast. 

Today at transfer meeting I saw an American family get out of a shuttle and they looked very lost. I went and talked to them. They are parents to an elder going home today and they came to pick him up. I talked to them a lot about what they´re doing and stuff. They are staying at The Hilton in capit├íl and just take taxis everywhere. They seem to be doing it all just fine. They are also planning a day trip to the Iguazu falls :) So I´m thinking it´s a lot easier than the leaders make it sound. And it got me excited for whatever we´re able to work out. 

Well I love you guys! Hope you like the pictures. Talk to you next week. 


Elder Gardner

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