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Monday, February 6, 2012


Dear Mom and Dad,

I´m doing great this week! It was a great first week with my new companion. He is struggling with the bikes :) It was hard my first week as well. I got bit by a dog this week. It punctured skin, but didn´t go through my pants. Another miracle right? The nurse said if it didn´t puncture my pants then I´m good! If it had, I would have had to travel to capitál again to receive a rabies shot... I´m glad it didn´t puncture my pants lol. I kicked the dog in the face.
I got the second package today. Thank you! The card was nice, and thank you for everything else as well.
You can post those pictures on the blog that´s fine. Thank you for asking.
I´m glad everyone got their letters. I´m still writing Mavis, Deener, and Renee. If you speak with them, let them knowk letters are on there way!
Thanks for the update with Uintah and stuff, it´s nice to know what´s going on in good ol´ Vernal. I miss the mountains a lot, and the snow.

This last week was a great one. Elder Reynolds is a hard worker and we got a LOT of work done. Companions really make all the difference. We took out three baptismal dates, and have plans for one this coming sunday. I´m lucky he is accepting the gospel with us right now and we get to help him get baptised. We also have one the following sunday, and another the next. Work is picking up.
We visited the managers of our apartment building to discuss a bill that we had, and they speak perfect English! We got talking and they are really nice people. He plays guitar and he let us play for a little bit. It was fun.  He believes in blessings and the power that they have. He said he had a horrible day at work and would really appreciate it if we gave him and his wife a blessing. It was so amazing to see the power other people notice of our church. Of course we blessed them, and they asked us to come for dinner Sunday evening. So we did, and it was a great evening. They are really great people. THey spoke english to us, and we spoke castellano to them and we all corrected and helped each other. They made us some great pasta. Elder Reynolds and I decided to give them a book of mormon and teach a little lesson about prayer. It was one of the shortest lessons I´ve ever taught, but most powerful. Elder Reynolds and I both felt the spirit so strongly. Also,  my friend that went to schoolin cedar city, her parents sent me 4 books of mormons to give away in their name as a christmas gift. But they gave them to me in english. I thought english? but it must have been for a reason, because this last week as well, we were returning to the pension and a 20 yr old ran up to us and started speaking to us in english as well. He was actually a reference that we´ve been trying to contact for a while, but he went to the sea for a month. He actually lives in the next building! And he wanted to practice his english with us. We got together with him the next day, and we told him to learn english, he should read this book. :) we gave him one in english, adn one in spanish. He said he is anxious to learn about our religion. And he was really eager to continue to study with us.
I´m loving my experiences. Sometimes it´s really hard to be a missionary, but I know what I´m doing is right and I´m supposed to be here. Tonight we have an fhe with a recent convert family and we´re having pizza. It´s going to be a great evening. We had a zone activity today as well. A new missionary in my zone knows Pearl Preece. She is his Grandmothers sister or something like that. His name is Elder Abbott.
well off to work.

love you guys!


elder gardner

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