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Monday, January 23, 2012



Well this week was crazy! And instead of telling you all individually the same thing, I´m just going to write one email to all of you. Tuesday was such a crazy day. We had district meeting two train stations away, so we had to travel for the morning and such. There are also two elders in our zone that are going home this coming Monday so we took lots of pictures and what not. We got back to Glew and picked up a to-go lunch from a member and ate it and headed out to work. We had to make a stop to drop off some keys to our first councilor to the bishop that he let us borrow the day before and we were already a little late getting to our appointment. I had some crazy feelings like we needed to go straight to the appointment instead of dropping off the keys, and my bike has been acting up so I felt like we need to go take my bike in right then but I didn´t listen.

Now I´m going to start this next part off with I´m okay :) no harm done. But it was crazy. A bus decided to pass me on my bike at the same time a bus from the other direction was coming so there wasn´t enough room, but the bus tried to keep going anyway and ended up sandwiching me against a parked car. It was nuts. I remember three things from when it happened. Number one, when the bus first knocked me and I lost my balance between the two vehicles, number two I remember a flash of metal (my bike) in front of my face as I hit the pavement and skidded, and then I remember after it all happened when the chofer ran off the bus towards me. I felt fine. I was so weirded out because I felt fine. I was speechless because of what just happened so my comp talked to the chofer as I just sat there. I stood up and That was that! We exchanged information with the bus driver and he was on his way, and us on ours. I had to gather all my things from off the street, my planner, pens, plaque, and stuff in my pockets were all over the road. My bike, was a squished piece of metal, and my clothes were all ripped with my garments hanging out hahaha. I just picked up my bike and carried it to the nearest bike shop and told him to fix it and walked off lol. We went and called our appointment people and told them we can´t make it, and then I called president and his wife to report the accident. They told me I needed to go visit the area doctor to make sure I was okay.

When I got back to the apartment, all I had were some cuts, bumps, and bruises. And I was really sore. But nothing else! I´m soooo lucky. But I called and got an appointment with the doctor for the next day at 1130. Well I misunderstood the doctor and went to the wrong offices. I though he said the mission offices in Adrogue, but he said AREA offices which are in capitál. So I changed the time and we headed off to capitál on wednesday. That was fun! I loved the city. It was really pretty, and busy. When I got out of the subway entrance I felt like I was in times square. Good thing I took lots of subways in London because the subway system was the same and I already knew how it all worked. Or else we would have been super lost. But we got the appointment and he checked me over and said I´m fine! He just gave me some antibiotic ointment for my cuts, and told me to keep taking ibuprofen for the soreness.

I´ll send pictures of everything when I get the little device in the package. I don´t feel safe carrying my camera all around town. But yeah, so My bike is still getting repaired, I´ve picked it up two other times before, but it keeps falling apart, and so I keep having to take it in. BUt I´m not even sore anymore, and my cuts are on the heal. So all is well :) I´m just all green and blue now from the bruises trying to heal.

This week has been a crazy one, with the accident, going to capitál, and then my comp already had some doctors appointments we did friday and dealt with the money saturday at the mission offices so it´s been a little nuts.

So, that said we have had little time to actually work this week. But we had two amazing appointments. These investigators are amazing and I hope for the best for them.

I´ve learned a lot this week about a lot of things; and I´ve had some great spiritual experiences. I guess it takes getting hit by a bus for me to notice the hand of the Lord in my life. I don´t know what it is but I guess something crazy has to happen every area I have. First the worm, then the bus. I hope I don´t get transferred often, sheesh! haha. I´m doing well though. We´re working hard and hoping for results soon.

This is the last week of transfers. And my comp has been here for 7.5 months and this is his first area. So, more than likely he is leaving this next week and I´ll be getting a new companion. Or who knows, I could leave as well! But more than likely, I´m going to be here for at least a transfer or two more.

I did get a little scolded by President Stapley because I wasn´t wearing a helmet. One got robbed before I got to the area and the other one is broken. So we need to buy new helmets asap. But that´s okay. After that, I kind of want one.

Well I love you all! :) Thanks for your love and support. I missed you all lots this week.

Chao chao

Elder Gardner

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