Argentina, Buenos Aires South Mission

Monday, January 2, 2012


Hey ya´ll!

Too bad about grandpa! send my regards to him. Let him know i´m thinking of him. I´m glad you got to talk to Dallin a little bit. And if you see Melinda again, tell her I sent her one, it just takes a month to get there through the mail. Did I hear correctly that Catlin is going to Germany?  spring is getting an early start I guess! EVeryone is twitterpated.

This last week was great. We´re working hard and found some new prospective converts. We have a cita with them tonight, and they´ve already agreed to be baptized for this month... if they receive an answer that the book of mormon is true. So, that´s what we´re working on with them. But with some revalation on our part, we should get the job done. We also have inter-changes with my district leader tomorrow. So he´ll come here to work with me for a day and my comp will go tohis area. I´m excited. We´ll see how well I know the area lol. My feet are finally STarting to heal. The bikes are helping I think. And I was able to set up lunch appointments every day this week. So, we should be eating realllllly well. I cooked for our whole district last week. Raviolis and red pasta sauce with ground beef. yummmm. We had steaks for lunch yesterday with Francisco, the ward missionary you guys saw on skype. He is so funny, and cooks a dang good steak. He said he´s going to make us fish next week. lol. sorry, i´m starving, i have food on the mind. WE´re going to eat lunch with our district leader in a different city today.
I think that´s all! Nothing really big, just the same ol´. I´m learning a lot about missionary work. I´m getting the hang of things I think.

I love you guys! it was so nice to talk to you. can´t wait to hear how this week is going!


Elder Jardinero

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