Argentina, Buenos Aires South Mission

Monday, January 16, 2012


Hey fam!

The members are awesome here. We were struggling finding lunches this week so we just went to relief society and asked in front of everyone, and then we got over'loaded with people taht wanted to and so we´re set for the next two weeks! Even with a couple dinners here and there. THe food here is amazing. I love it. The Iguazu falls sound amazing. I talked to a member this week about them, they just visited them last year. and there is a tour group that takes them to falls from the brazil side as well. and then they take you to a place called the triple frontier which is where brazil, argentina, and paraguay all come together. That´d be fun!

There is a member here who has a dog that looks and acts just like jazzy. The dog breathes hard like jazzy did, and looks like jazzy and everything it´s sooo funny. I´ll have to take a picture of it. the tri-leeler ride sounds fun! Have you guys put in the bench yet?

The days do go by super fast for me too! WE have a zone activity in our chapel today at one, that´s why we´re writing earlier. I´m getting another hair cut today. My hair is practically blonde now, so much sun! I have some awesome tan lines from my collar and watch. I look like I´m from California. Nice tan, and blonde hair. I started bringing around the picture of you dad with your elk. Everyone loves it. There is a temple close, like 20 minutes by train. But it´s closed right now. They closed it last year to make it bigger, they´re adding two new wings off the back side. Supposedly it should be done this year in April. I´m hoping that they include the missionaries in the dedication or open house or something like that. That would be super fun. I´m hoping that when it´s open that we get to go every so often. I haven´t been since the MTC. Awe that´s nice that you guys get to extend with the singles ward. You guys sure love it, I think it´s good for you guys. And the book of mormon is awesome. I love being able to share it with the people in Buenos Aires. We get an hour every morning to study the scriptures. I made a goal at the beginning of my mission to read all of the scriptures. I´ve already finished the triple, now I´m in the old testament almost out of Dueteronomy. Only about 1200 more pages of the bible :) I heard a story from my first councilor in the mtc that on his mission he was preaching the book of mormon on someones door step and the guy asked if he had ready the bible. the guy in my bishopric said he had read the new testament, and the guy they were contacting yelled at them and said how can you preach to me that you know the word of God when you havne´t even read the word of God. So, that´s why I want to make sure I´ve read all the scriptures. The ol´ acura is gone eh? That´s too bad she wrecked it.

We had two baptisms hoping for this Sunday, but they didn´t come to church yesterday. So we have to push it back another week. They have to go to church twice before they are baptised and they haven´t come yet. The members are great! We have a great ward mission leader, and a ward missionary. They´re very involved in the work. The members are great as well with lunches, laundry, and such. The priesthood works the same here in Glew most leaders are active. The x stake president is in our ward, and we eat at his house a lot, and his son in law is our bishop. His wife is relief society president and comes with us to appointments with investigators. There are x-priesthood leaders that are inactive. It´s really hard down here with work, because everyone works on Sundays, it´s not really an option. It´s either live or die. So a lot of people are inactive because they have to work.

This past week went well though. We are working really hard with some investigators.  They are sisters and are very poor. Together, they have 11 children and they don´t work. they said if they receive an answer they will get baptized. So we´re just working with them now to receive an answer to their prayers. and take time to read the book of mormon and to go to church and stuff. But yeah. THey listen intently and understand the doctrine. so that´s good.

love you guys! talk to you next week.


elder gardner

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