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Monday, January 9, 2012


that´s too bad about grandpa. i´ll keep him in my prayers. he´s in the lord´s hands, so whatever happens, happens. send him my love. that´s nice jade stopped by. i´m glad katlyn sprouse is going on a mission as well. that will be fun and really good for her. amber gets to turn in her papers next month. she´s sooo excited. and ali gets to start hers in june or july. time is just flying by! this is my fourth week of being in glew already. whoa. gracy is sooo funny. all the things she says. i love it.
i wrote a lot of people letters yesterday, i had a lot of time. peggy, connie, morrisons, and grandma and grandpa gardner. let them know in about a month, they should get one from me.

so for my next package, i don´t think i´ll need garments. i´m pretty good for a while. plus the distribution center is pretty close, and our ward mission leader goes often so i can have him pick me up some if i need to. i have 34 envelopes left, and about 15 stamps left i think. i could use some more stamps soon as well. the jump drives if possible, the gold bond triple relief powder (not food powder), sweaters when possible. there´s one more thing i´m going to email tiff about to help you look for it because it´s hard to explain. but i was also wondering what aunt ranee´s address is. i wanted to write her a letter.

i think that´s all for rthis week! it was a pretty boring week. lol. things just seem normal to me, so i don´t know what to say or what not to say. i love the members here. they are amazing. and so kind and loving. we have lunches every day. a recent convert loves cupcakes. she made three batches of cupcakes and then invited us over. it was sooo good. she had strawberry ones, vanilla-walnut ones, and then mint ones. they were sooo good. tasted american.

i love you guys! thanks for everything. i´ll talk to you next week :)

elder gardner

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