Argentina, Buenos Aires South Mission

Monday, December 19, 2011


well yeah, i´m transferred! it was a surprise, but i´m okay with it. my new area is sooooo different from san fran. san fran was like all fields and little tiny neighborhoods here and there. now i´m in a busier area. it´s not city city, but it´s like city. i don´t know how to explain it lol. but yeah. i think i´ll like it. it´s called glew and pronounced like glay-ew, and in the zone longchamps. my area is condensced and not very spread out. but like i said it´s a lot more city like than san fran. my comp is elder hill, and he is from las vegas. he only has 8 months in the mission, and he has spent all 4 transfers here in this area. so he knows it very well. its very rare for a missionary to stay in an area more than 6 months, so after this transfer he will ahve been here for 7.5 so he is probably leaving after this area. so i´ll be leading the area after he leaves. scary to think of! lol. but yeah. it seems more like the argentina i pictured before arriving. san fran was very rural. we live in an apartment building, and our pension is pretty big. oh yeah, this area has a bad rep for robbings. we´ll see! and this area has bikes, my last area didn´t. so that´ll be a change, maybe it´ll be a break for my feet!!! lol.
my last week in san fran was good. the weather was perfect. chilly, and rainy. loved it. now it´s back to hot, humid, and sweaty. we didn´t have any baptisms last week, but hopefully to come in san fran. i have no idea about here in glew. i guess the ward here is amazing. it was sad to say goodbye to people in san fran, but i´m excited to be here. it kind of feels like the mission is really starting now that i´m finally done training, and am out of my firstr area. i´m now not a new elder anymore. i am in my 3rd transfer, i have 5 months, and there are 3 whole sets of missionaries younger than me. it feels good! lol. this week will be a lil tough, just me getting to know the area, and the members, and the investigators, but it should go fine. i´ve never been bad at meeting new people!! i´m glad the gardner christmas party went well. i´m glad the health for everyone is doing well. tell the family like grandma and grandpa, and the aunts adn uncles hi and merry christmas.
i´m just talking to elder hill and we were thinking about doing the call at 9:30 or 10 in the morning your time. would that work for you? when does dad have meetings? that´d be right after lunch for us, that´s not for sure for sure. i´ll keep you updated what we´re thinking.
i hope you guys have a great cold christmas! i´ll be sure to soak up the sun, and take a pic with the palm trees for ya.
i{m glad the shop is done! and that the elk will be finished in 2 or 3 months. that will be fun for you dad!
well i better go! love you guys.

elder gardner. i{ll send you another email with final christmas stuff

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