Argentina, Buenos Aires South Mission

Monday, February 4, 2013


Hey family! 


Thanks for the email, and for the picture. lol. I see old pics of me, and I don´t even think it´s me anymore. I look completely different now. And plus I have lost a lot more weight. I am down to 160 now. 

_____ did get baptized :) It was amazing! And she barely showed up to get confirmed. She had everything possible happen to her so she wouldn´t come to church on sunday, but she came runnin in 10 minutes before it ended and we were able to confirm her. She is so awesome. She loves the church, and she loves to learn. 

Other than that, the week was pretty normal and chill. Just lots of walking, and yeah. We did have a lot of people fodge us, but That´s in the job description. We did find two new families on sunday. It was a good weekend :) 

today for pday, I am making ñoquis. MMMMM They are going to be super good. It´s my first time doing it ALL from scratch. So we´ll see how it works out. I will send you pictures next week, deal? 

I am pretty tired all the time. In about six months, I´m going to take a nap for like 3 weeks. Deal? 

I´m glad you are all doing well! That is so crazy about ______ and ______ getting married lol. That was a shocker. And yeah, jade sent me a picture of Brandt and he is huge! and has a deep voice now :) I remember him being a lil boy blowing bubbles behind the piano when we were playing under the sea at the piano recital. 

When are you guys thinking about coming back to Argentina? I´m thinking November would be a good month. Or October. What are you guys thinking? How long are you wanting to stay here? Where do you want to sleep? 

This is kind of a short email, sorry. But there´s not realy anything new going on lol. It´s all just the same to me. We do the same things all day. We wake up, and leave and go work! And yeah! Just clapping houses, and maybe teaching people if we are lucky. Teaching is a lot easier, especially with the language finally down. I´m really excited to be able to look for a job speaking spanish or something like that when I get back. That will be super useful. 

I think the best thing I´ve received from the mission is my newly-established relationship with Christ. That is the most valuable thing I think that I have received and developed during my time here. I can´t imagine where it will be in 6 months, but I´m excited to see. 

Well family, I hope all is well, and that you guys are doing fine and dandy. I love you lots, and appreciate the love and support. 


Love ya lots.


elder Gardner

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