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Monday, January 28, 2013


Hey family!


I`m glad you guys had a fun time with the fam. I miss everyone. I bet there was lots of good food:) The Mayer coupleis going to make us sloppy joes tomorrow. I am super excited. 

I am down with the Nauvoo trip. Tiff said she is trying to talk you guys into staying a couple extra days in KC with her. What are you guys thinking about for thta? I`m down :) 

I did get Deeners package. REmember I showed you the ties she gave me on christmas? They`re really nice ones. Good for Grandma thinking about skirts and stuff, maybe I can help them a little bit. That`s so crazy about all the homecomings already. Especially Shellie! I was  in the MTC with her. When does Layken come home? I ate lunch with her a couple of times in the MTC. And Katie Palmer too. That is nuts. And I am excited to go fishing. I`ve tried to go a couple times out here,but there`s never enough time on pdays to go. to bad so sad. 


Things are going well here in Adrogue. We are staying pretty constant with the people, gaining and losing people constantly. BUT We do have about three people who are looking good and progressing. _______ is so awesome. She is getting baptized on Saturday, and is super excited. She loves learning, and reads a lot. Shehas already read the whole Lorenzo snow manual that we just got like two weeks ago. And she has read 7 ensigns and we have gotten her started well on the BOM as well. We told her for every 50 pages of the bofmormon that she reads, we`ll give her an ensign lol. Because she likes reading the ensigns a lot more than the bOM so yeah. But she is really smart, and knows the bible well so it`sfun teaching her. She has already asked when she can get her patriarchal blessing,and receive her endownments lol. She is on a roll. She even broke up with her boyfriend on Saturday, and she went to the temple with the ward temple trip to walk the gardens and stuff. She is awesome. 


Today we are spposed to have a zone activity and cook pizza and watch a movie. it`ll be fun. 

Well I love you guys! Tell everyone I love them.


Elder GArdner

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