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Monday, February 11, 2013


Hey family!!!

So this last week went by super quickly! We passed by another transfer... today is transfer day but elder Siler and I are staying together. This trasnfer that we started today is the weird one that they are changing, so it`s only 4 weeks instead of 6. And then from then on, everyone goes home two weeks earlier. After this transfer, I only will have 4 months left! That is so crazy. I have no idea how it has all passed so quickly! These last three months have FLOWN. Today is another random Argentine holiday. AKA everything is closed... Argentina is like the exact opposite than the states. lol. Yeah, October and Novembre are the best months I think. It`s warm, but not HOT like right now. It is terrible! We`ll have to hit it just right. I`m guessing staying in a hotel will be the best bet for us, and the most comfortable. I`m sure people would let us stay at their homes, but the homes here aren`t meant to accomodate other families. Plus the public transportation is really good here so we can travel REALLY easy. With the subway, train, and bus systems. And in all my areas I know it in and out. Luckily I have a Sube card which is like the electronic way to pay for your travel fares so it will be super easy for us to travel.

I am down with going to Nauvoo. I`m not going toworry about school until I get back, so I won`t be able to go until January. It just seems easier that way than trying to worry about it right now and money crap. So I`ll just wait and have a good six months to get ready in whatever way necessary. And Dad I am still thinking medical. I just want to do something that I enjoy, and I like a lot of things, but medicine just interests me a lot, and it would be a great career. We`ll see how everything works out though and which school I am going to end up at. I really like the U, but I have been thinking a lot lately about BYU. So we`ll see how it all works out. BYU would be a lot cheaper; tuition wise, and for living as well. Living in Salt Lake is a bit more pricey.

_____ is doing well! She paid her tithing this week, so that means that she REALLY understood everything.  That was a big step for her. She also supposedly got a job last night! Which is another big step for her.  Now she is changing her life and she is doing amazingly!
_____ is doing well as well. We are working hard to start teaching her kids.

Nothing too new to update you on. Things are going well!

Well family, I love you all! And I hope you guys are doing well. Talk to you soon :)

Elder Gardner

I am trying to send pictures as well.

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