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Thursday, September 6, 2012


I just never know which email to send itto, so I just email both :)
Well This last week went really well!!! I got my hijo, his name is Elder Ag├╝ero, and he is from Paraguay, fresh out of the MTC. He is awesoem, he is 19, and served two mini missions, so it`s like I`m not even training. He speaks Guarani, which is the indian language of Paraguay and northern Argentina. So he is teaching me some things as I teach him English. He has a REALLY thick paraguayan accent lol. But that`s okay, it`ll help my spanish come along.
OH!!!! This last week, we had the wedding :) Two of our contacts got married on friday morning. And on friday also, we had his baptism, and the reception as well. It was a realllly busy day. She got confirmed on sunday as well. It was a great week!

My new comp really likes to work, which helps a bunch, so we are getting a lot of great work done and finding new people and stuff. It`ll be a great 3 months! Hopefully we can get a lot more work done before I go.

Well fam, I hope you are enjoying your time in NYC.



Elder Gardner

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