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Monday, September 10, 2012


Hey family!!!!


So I´m super happy you all had such a great time :) The pictures look amazing, and I can´t stop laughing at the pics with a cut out of my head :) My favorite is the one with taylor swift... :) Did I ever tell you we got her christmas album last christmas to listen to it during the holidays. It was a good couple of weeks!! lol. It sounds like you guys had a lot of fun adventures!!! If you all enjoyed it, I´m glad. It´s been a long time since we´ve had a family vacation! Only a year left, and then we can all be together again. 

So things are going well here! The weekend was AMAZING!!!! Friday, we had the fireside with pres eyring. He is so amazing. He talked for an hour, and then Ballard and Christofferson talked for a half hour each. They were all super amazing. We learned a lot of amazing things. Elder Ballards grandpa was the apostle that iniciated missionary work in South America, and they did it from here in Buenos Aires. And also his son, and his grandson both served here in the south mission. Elder Christofferson served in the Cordoba mission, with Elder Scott as his mission president. lol. So they all had neat connections, and good feelings about Argentina. Elder Christoferson speaks spanish SO well. lol. I´m jealous. I was suprised! I didn´t think that any of them were going to be able to speak, but he did. 

Saturday, we had the cultural event. It was amazing. There were soooo many people there. I got to see people from past areas that I´ve served in, and they were all soooo happy to see me, so that makes me feel good. And I´m happy they haven´t forgoten me. Wow I can´t spell anymore! In the cultural event All the missionaries along with the future, and ex missionaries sang called to serve. It was awesome. And we gave eyring, ballard, and christofferson honorary panchos :) 

The dedication was amazing as well. The talks were great, and the dedicatory prayer was inspiring. I love our prophets and apostles. They are such great examples, and I just love them!

That´s about all the important stuff that happened this last week. Things are going well!! I learned how to make a new dessert. It´s called bizcochuelo. But really it´s just like a really yummy cake without icing. lol. But I make it homemade. mmmm. 

I meant to send pictures today, but I forgot the camera in th epench. sorry!

Love ya fam! Don´t have too much fun without me, kay??

Get me again. 


Elder GArdner

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