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Monday, September 17, 2012


Hey family!!!


Things are going well for us here in Glew. We had a pretty normal week. The first half of the week went really slow... but the last half went quickly and we got a lot of work accomplished. We found a new family of 8!!! So that is exciting. They are from Peru. I hope they cook for us sometime... I love Peruvian food. So that is awesome. Also we have reactivated several inactive members and started them on the path towards the temple. So, that is really awesome as well. I hope you got my email with the photos.


Well I`ve been getting a little sick this week, and yesterday I lost my voice completely; today it`s even worse. So that makes a little hard to teach. lol. Luckily today is pday. WE watched ratatouille. I love that movie.


Ali sent me an email with her news about her mission. That is soooo cool, Frankfurt Germany!!! That is so exciting, I`m happy for her. She studied three years of German, so she has got a great head start. She leaves in January I think.  


My comp is great. He works hard, and we are working well together. He has a really thick Paraguyan accent, so it`s really hard to understand him a lot because they speak horrible. They just yell as quickly as they can with their mouth open and don`t pronunciate anything. But that is thanks to the Guarani, the Indian language that they speak. It`s hard sometimes, but it`s going to train my ear a little better so in the future I will be thankful.


I pulled out the short sleeve shirts this week! WOOT! Lol. And then today it was cold... lol. But it`s spring here, officially next week on the 23.


Right now I am helping 4 families prepare for the temple :) I am super stoked for that. They were all inactive when I showed up, so it`s a really great feeling. They are all planning for about a year from now. I told them it would be amazing if we could plan our trip and they could all try to go to the temple the same weekend so I could be there with them :)


Well fam, I love your guts!!!




Elder Gardner

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