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Monday, August 27, 2012


Hey fam!!!!

Well the big news for this week is I`m not getting transferred... I am staying in Glew until the end of November because I get to train a new elder. I`m excited, and by the end, I will have 11 months in Glew. That almost never happens lol. Everyone in the ward was super suprised I wasn`t leaving. They all made me lunches, and we had tons of dinners too in the week. Yummm. I am super full (especially of pasta). So today I am staying in another area with some other people waiting to train. The new elders don`t come until tomorrow so yeah. We`re just waiting for them to come. I heard that they are almost all latinos because of all of the visa problems with the states. But we`ll see :)
I hit 13 months today! Time is just flying by. by the time I hit 16 months, 11 of them will have been in Glew :) Lol. We for sure will be spending a lot of time here when we come back.
The wedding is this friday! WOOTT!!!! I am so excited for them. And I am so excited that Ï will still be here for it. I was super scared I`d be sent far away and wouldn`t be able to come to it. But even better that Ï just get to stay in Glew. :) Sheesh someone here must be waiting for me to find them.
I`m glad everything went well with the super activity, and am super excited you have the NYC trip. That will be super fun for you. All of us here are just waiting for pres eyring to get here and for the cultural event. That will be super exciting.
Not too much news here. Things are going well.
I love you family! Hasta luego.

Elder Gardner

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