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Wednesday, August 22, 2012


Hey fam! How was your crazy week in st. george? I hope everything went well, and there weren`t any major accidents. With the singles, there are always accidents, but hopefully nothing huge. Tiff told me that today grandma has surgery, I`m sure you`re busy with that today. Tell her I love her, and I hope everything goes well. I got the package too! I love the tie. It`s real nice. And the chocolate was soooo good. Mmmmmm. Elder Parker and I found nutella in a supermarket today. YEah.... we will be eating well tonight!!! :) It was like 30 pesos though... we still have yet to find peanut butter. BUT! There is a giant supermarket going in next to the pench, it`s called a coto. I think it`s owned by cosco, so we are praying that they have peanut butter :)
So this last week was not amazing... lol.  I talked to president a couple months ago and he said you can be a very obedient,spiritual missionary doing everything right, but in the end people still have their agency. I think I mentioned that last letter, but yeah. It`s so true. I just hope that we are doing everything we can. We are struggling finding new people lately, we`re going to focus on that. Clapping houses! YAY. lol.
We had a ward trip to the temple on saturday. SOOOOOOOO amazing. It`s so pretty. And we had a couple investigators and inactive families come. It was so amazing. I just want to go back. It was such a great experience. I think I would love to do a temple mission with my wife when I`m allllll big and stuff. When are you two headed out on your mission?
NYC trip coming up in what, two weeks!!! Wow. I bet you guys are super excited. I`m excited for ya.
Well that`s about it for the week!I love yea guys, and hope to hear from ya soon.


Elder Gardner

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