Argentina, Buenos Aires South Mission

Monday, August 13, 2012


Dear Family.

Things are all going well! This last week had a lot of ups and downs. It was kind of crazy.  Stupid agency. Just kidding, agency is amazing, but sometimes on the mission you just want to take it away from people :) But we have found a new family, hopefully it goes somewhere with them. They were a reference from the tmple because the youngest son went and filled out a reference card, so I guess he is a little interested, we`ll see.
Finally having the language down, I am understanding people on the streets.  Good thing you guys won`t understand them when you come visit, and I won`t translate that for you :)

I hope you guys have fun with the singles ward this week! Have some fun for me.
We found some guy who makes some really cool argentine shoes, and I ordered some today. I ordered six pairs! Lol. But it`s only 275 pesos, so like 55 dollars. No biggy. They are awesome too.
The family that I love so much here in Glew had a really rough week. I feel so bad for them, but they don`t even have time for a cita with us so we can`t even help. It`s so weird how much you can love someone and want to help them. I hope the best for them.
The weather is getting better! Today, no jackets, and no sweaters. Weird right? It felt sooooo good.
Transfers are coming around the corner. I wonder where I`m headed. or for some weird reason I stay another transfer. I reallly doubt it though. But who knows, missionaries never get transferred back to their old areas either, but it happened :)

Well family, I love you guys.! Before you know it, it`ll be christmas and we can skype again.


Elder GArdner

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