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Monday, July 30, 2012


Hey fam!!!

Adrogue is where the mission home is. Capital is kind of like Washington DC it´s it´s own city, but doesn´t have like a name and it´s apart of everything else lol. It´ll be fun to show you guys everywhere.

It got cold again! Lol. It is freezing again. It was starting to feel like spring, but now it´s cold again :)

That will be nice to book your flights through Nick and Danny.

We just got instructions today about the big temple day on the 9th of sept. All of the missionaries in Buenos Aires (600+) are all traveling to a large chapel in capital, and then all traveling to a huge soccer stadium for the cultural event. WOOT! I´m so excited. We are going to have a workshop with Pres Eyring, and Elderes Christofferson and Ballard. I am super stoked, it´s going to be an amazing experience.

Yesterday in church the first councilor came up to me when sacrement started and said we lack a speaker, can you give a ten minute talk? FYI you will be the first to speak. I was like uh... SURE! Lol. So I just talked about temples, and stuff. Every city in the misison has received at least 6,000 invitations formal for the temple that we have to hand out all before this saturday. So I talked about those too and how it´s important that they hand them out. Oddly enough, that was only my second talk in the mission! Lucky, I know.

My comp got bronchitis this last week, so we only worked like 3 days. I am very well rested :) Good thing he´s a nurse! And good thing in Argentina, all drugs are over the counter. So we just walked to the farmacia and bought some antibiotics. lol.

Transfers are coming around the corner. I should be leaving Glew after 8 months :) My old comp Elder Wheeler just got moved up as zone leader in the coast. He just sent me some pictures of him playing on the beach. of course it´s freezing, so he is all bundled up lol. But it looks fun!

I meant to send pictures today, but forgot my camera at the pench. Sorry!

I hit a year! on the 27 i hit a year. I am on the down hill slope! How crazy is that. Amber emailed me, and she is finally in Canada, and freezing too :)

Well I hope all is well! Things are great, we´re working hard :)  Love you guys!


Elder Gardner

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