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Monday, July 2, 2012


Hey yall!!

This last week was okay, not AMAZING like the week before, but we are doing great. And yes! I know Elder Dodge, he is in my district. He`s brand new from the MTC. Alfajores are super good. IDK if you can home make them... they are like candybar things you buy from the store. But they are super good, imma buy a box and bring them home for all of you to try.

No fleas here in Glew, so no worries about the flea collar :) Thanks though! Sounds like you have a summer and fall full of activities :) That`s good! I hope you all enjoy yourselves. 11 months! I`m just about to the hump. The 27 of july I hit a year, and the 28th is hump day, and the 29th is my 1-year-left mark. I return the 29 of july in 2013. Everyone says that the first 6 months fly by, the next 6 months are slower, and then don`t blink the last year because it goes by quicker than a dog can eat it`s vomit. Like my imagery there? :)

Amber told me that her grandparents got called to serve in the Buenos Aires temple and they start in october. That is awesome. I`m sure I`ll see them at one point or another. And thanks for the letter from the ward, I haven`t received it yet. I will prepare it and email it to you soon so you can get it to them ASAP.

That`s crazy about all the wild fires! I hope things cool down soon, and you get some rain. We are getting plenty of rain here! We are just always covered in mud :) And with the humidity it`s aweful. There`s always fog. And it`s still freezing :) We should be heading on the warmer direction soon, (I hope) But I don`t think it turns spring until sept or oct.

We got the news from the family we`re teaching, their marriage is for the 31 of aug, so there is a big possibility that I won`t be here... when I got transferred here prez told me I would be here until the 26 of august. What luck that I have right? If I end up training then I will stay another transfer, but if not then I`m out of here the 26th. If that happens, I`m going to ask prez if I can come back for their wedding lol.

Today for pday we are going to a members house and she`s going to teach me how to cook pasta flora, it`s my favorite dessert here. mmmm. It`s like pie kind of...

Well that`s about it! I love ya family, I`ve been thinking a lot about ya lately.


Elder GArdner 

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