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Wednesday, July 25, 2012


Hey fam, crazy day today...

So Argentina has these new cards to travel with, they work with buses, trains, and the subways. And I`ve had one for a while, but my comp doesn`t have one. We have been trying to get him one all week, but there aren`t any more in Glew. So today we traveled to Adrogue, a bigger city, and waited in line for 5.5 hours, and then they wouldn`t give him the card because he only had a copy of his passport, not the original. So yeah, that sucked. We wasted our whole pday today, and now we`re super late to everything. We have a lesson soon so I can`t write much.

I`m doing well, this last week was alright. Not too exciting, but nothing bad. Just a normal week :) I`m glad you`re getting a lot of camping in. Get good practice so when I get home, we`ll be good to go. I`m so excited that you leave for NYC soon! Only a month left :) In a month, I`ll be in a new area, with a new companion!

For the story for M5th ward:

I don`t have just one great experience that I can choose, but there is one family that is really important to me. They are the Magliano family. Some elders in another area talked to them and passed the reference to us. We went late one night after dark to clap their house, Josè came out and didn`t say anything as we talked to him. He still wouldn`t speak so I stop teaching, and ask how he is. He says bad, and mumbles something about health, and his wife. So we set an appointment for the next day.

When we pass by the next day we meet his wife, and little girl. The little girl is mentally disabled, and the mother is disabled mentally and physically after she woke up from a diabetic coma several years ago. This family is amazing.

They have so many trials, especially the father. He can`t work because he has to take care of his wife and little girl all day long. He struggles a lot because he can`t leave his wife alone so he hardly leaves. And they live in the garage of his mother-in-law.

We started teaching the family, and baptized the daughter. And then they told us that they wanted to get married! Josè is already a member, but his wife isn`t; and they aren`t married either (something very common to Argentina). So we have finally gotten a date set for the wedding.

It is so amazing seeing the changes in this family. They struggle so much! Her health is always an issue, and he is usually always depressed because he has no one to talk to, nor does he leave the house. But each time we pass by, they are always in tears, and he knows what is important; the temple. Buenos Aires is very lucky in this moment because of the re-dedication of the temple coming up in September, so everyone is super excited for that. It really puts everything into perspective of what is really important.


I hope that is what he needs, something along the lines of that. lol.

Well mom and dad, I love you. I hope all is well, and we`ll talk next week!


Elder Gardner

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