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Saturday, July 21, 2012


Hey fam!!!

So, I got my new companion today. Elder Parker. He was born in Arizona, and went to school at the U, but his family lives in New Jersey. He`s great, we`ll work well together. It`s nice to have an American comp after 3 months with Latins. But I actually really liked having my latin comps, I improved a lot with the language. He has I think like 7 months in the mission. President called me yesterday morning and said I might be training though, if we receive a whole bunch of newbies tomorrow, I`ll be training. But if not, in the transfers to come. That will be fun.

Things are going well! I am so full! We have been receiving soooo much food lately. Fo real imma explode. And we have a dinner tonight with the Bishop and his fam. The bishop is pretty young, he`s like 28 and his daughter has only like 4 years old. She reminds me a lot of Bailey, she`s shy like Bailey.

This last week went by quickly, but it wasn`t the best week ever. We didn`t get the numbers we had hoped for. But numbers aren`t everything, I know. But seeing results for the work really helps with the desire to work. It`s a whole lot easier to work hard if you keep seeing results; but if you don`t receive anything for all the work that you put out, it gets hard. But it was just an off week, we`ll pick it up this week and be good to go. We had a baptism planned for yesterday, but she didn`t want to get baptized and didn`t know how to tell us. So we are going to try to get with her again and keep working.

I`ll write ya next week about the story for M 5th ward. And with the package I was wondering if you could send me the movie 17 miracles? If it`s possible, just make sure that I can change the language to Spanish :) And for ties, I like all ties and colors! I like paisleys, and argiles a lot. I have a bunch of striped ties, but I`ll love anything she wants to send. I just sent letters to you mom too to give to people. Let grandma know one is on her way.

Today was transfer meeting, and listening to all the elders that are going home made me think a lot about when I`ll be coming home. It`s only 12 months away. I`m not on the year countdown anymore! Months :) Time has flown by. I can`t believe it`s been a year.

I hope all is well with the fam! I miss and love you all.


Elder Gardner

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