Argentina, Buenos Aires South Mission

Monday, June 25, 2012


Hey family!

Things are going well. We are working hard, and are having a lot of good things happening. We taught a lot of lessons this last week, and took out four new baptismal dates with investigators; feels good. This family is amazing. Elder Reynolds and I found them about 3 months ago. It feels great to help people in the best way that I can, the gospel. They are preparing for the temple! We are on the edge waiting for the phone to ring for him to confirm their date.  The ward has jumped into action as well, it´s amazing. Everyone wants to be there to support them.

Did I tell you guys the news about the temple yet? Open houses are in August, the 4-25. And all the missionaries are doing the tours! Every day they are inviting 24 elders from each mission in buenos aires, so every three days 24 elders from our mission are going in to give the tours and we will all be rotated in to help. All the sister missionaries from all the missions combine the saturdays to do the tours. On the 9 of Sept a saturday, Pres Eyring, Elder Ballard, and Elder Christofferson are coming to do a special workshop with all the elders in the three buenos aires missions, and then from there we are all going to capital together to go to the cultural event for Pres Eyring. Awesome experience right? We are all super excited and can´t wait.

Tomorrow we have a supppppper important lesson with a great family. They have been investigators on and off for a long time, my old comp found them just before I got here.  So tomorrow we are reteaching the restoration, but we are going to speak clearly, and teach the apostasy well, and tell her frankly that no other church in the world has the authority, power, and permission of God. So yeah, we are preparing for that lesson tomorrow.

Well, that is this last week, and I´m doing well! I hope all is well over there. Let gma know how much I love her, and I hope all is well.


Elder Gardner

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