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Monday, June 18, 2012


First things first... HAPPY FATHERS DAY!!! I wish I could skype you guys today, but we`ll just have to wait until Christmas. I hope it all went well yesterday and you had a good day.

Well I had a big suprising change this last week, President called me early Thursday morning and I had to get emergency transferred back to my old area. It`s kind of a long story, but I`ll give you the important details. So my old comp in Glew was supposed to train new a new elder but since we didn`t receive any for a long time, he was with a mini missionary. A mini missionary is a young man or young woman from the same mission that when the mission lacks people, they volunteer to be a missionary for a couple weeks. They`re not set apart or anything, the just volunteer to be a missionary for like a transfer or so. So my old comp had a mini comp.  But because he was here with a mini missionary that doesn`t know the area, he had to move me back in until I can be with a real elder that can take over the area after I leave.

So I`m back in Glew. I`m happy to see old faces, and the work here is going well so that is really good. A family that I found actually is going to get married this july and I`ll be able to be here for that and for their baptism as well, so that is a miracle! I am a little bummed about leaving my old area and companion, but I`m here for the Lord and His work, not for the area I`m in nor the person I`m working with. I`m just happy the mini missionary, Elder Ortiz, is a hard worker, and we get along well.

So that`s the big news for the week! All the members are happy to see me, and I`m happy to see them too. And Glew is going strong with a lot of great investigators and plans, a lot of which I initiated when I was here last; so that`s fun. President told me I`ll be here for at least 10 weeks more, which is a long time in an area that I`ve already been here for 5 months, but that`s okay :) And it could be more time if I end up training or something. But we`ll see!

I`m glad you guys had a fun time camping. It sounds like a blast!!

I`m back on bikes again, but it`s freezing with it being winter and all, we might end up just walking lol. I can barely see with the cold winds and my eyes watering and stuff lol. But I`m used to the cold, and I have my nice hotfingers and coat.

Well fam I love ya! I`ll talk to ya next week.

Elder GArdner

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