Argentina, Buenos Aires South Mission

Tuesday, June 12, 2012


Hey fam!

I`m feeling a whole lot better, and they were just fleas so no worries :) I found some in my bed! Woot! But I got it all taken care of. They might have excedrin, but who knows. I`ll just stick with the good ol`ibuprofen until I get home :) and no worries about the sweaters, it`s cold enough that I always have my big coat on so the sweaters don`t make too much of a difference; but they help. Let Marsha and Ron know that I`m thinking about them. I`m loving the winter food here, it`s a lot of stews and beans and stuff. Real good. The worth of the peso here has declined once again so all the prices are shooting up. When I got here it was 4 pesos to the dollar, and now it`s at 5+ so everyone here is complaining about that. But economy crashes happen here every 20 years or so, they just don`t learn. Everyone is begging me for american dollars because it`s the only secure way to keep the worth of your money here is store it in american dollars.

I cut my hair again today. I am getting used to it being short, and can`t go too long without cutting it. And yes, Elder Wheeler cut it.

Well we are struggling in our area finding people to teach, but we did receive 16 referals last week! So hopefully that will help. We are trying a new method to ask for references from members and it`s working. Right now I`m focusing on improving my method of tracting. I`m not terrible but I still get nervous clapping houses or stopping people on the streets. But that`s a huge part of missionary work so hopefully within the next year I can get a little better.

Teaching is coming easier as well. My new focus is not to ¨teach¨ but more of testify and tell them what I already know. The Spirit is stronger when you do that; instead of forcing information down their throat, you can just tell them simply and powerfully what you know and believe. A hard part for me is utilizing the scriptures to their potential. I`ve become very familiar with the scriptures, but it still just doesn`t cut it. Our one hour in the morning just isn`t enough to fully understand and remember everything well enough to apply to the people. But I`m trying! And that`s all the matters. It`s promised to missionaries that after we have received the word, the spirit will help us know when to apply it so that`s all I can do!

Well Family! I love you, I am in good hands, and do├Čng what I can. Thanks for your prayers and your love.

Elder Gardner

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