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Tuesday, May 29, 2012


Hey Fam!

Today, I am sick again... I am just exhausted, and sore everywhere. Nothing to worry about, but I`m down in energy. I`ll get back up and going soon. We have asado (realllllly good meat) planned for us tonight, so I hope I feel well enough to eat it!!!

Thanks for the birthday wishes, I got the packages. All 4! From you two, the sisters, my friends, and aunt peggy. It was super nice and thoughtful, thanks!! Over all I got 4 new awesome ties. Ties are the best things ever, I didn`t think I`d ever say that! The jerky was real good, I`m eating a lot, and sharing a lot. Everyone isn interested in trying elk jerky. It did have some mold parts, but I just ripped them off.

This week was a slow week, We didn`t get to work too much because of so many meetings, and activities. They`re dividing our ward into two wards hopefully next month, so yesterday the area 70 came to meet the stake and see if we have enough priesthood to make a new ward. Listening to their spanish made me feel good about mine, but I can`t blame them being 60 plus years old and learning a new language. It was a reallllly amazing meeting, and a spiritual boost to hear from 3 apostles.

We decided to move our baptism to this coming saturday, but there shouldn`t be any problems there.

Transfers are on monday, I have no idea what`s going to happen. BUT I did hear that 14 missionaries from the U.S. recently received their visas and are headed to our mission this next week, so that should put us back to a normal amount of missionaries, so I don`t think that I`m leaving my area. I really like my area, I would love to stay. But missionary work is the same wherever you are, and I`m going to love the people I teach so it doesn`t really matter where I am. I just don`t like packing! I have to go buy either carts for my luggage or new luggage today... BOO! Because if I get transferred this transfer meeting, it will be a mess trying to get to the meeting with two broken suitcases. We`ll see how much new ones cost.

Well, I don`t have too much news this week, just that Elder Wheeler and I have a ton of awesome new plans for our area, and a strong desire to work hard so I hope we can get our area moving! Today we did a contact on our way to buy groceries, and we found a family of 10! They want us to pass by any day. The only question is if they`re married... lol. I sure hope so.

Well I love you guys! Thanks for everything, I`ll have a great week, and a great birthday. Thanks!


Elder GArdner

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