Argentina, Buenos Aires South Mission

Monday, May 21, 2012


Hola fam!

Thanks for the photos!!! Best pics ever.

Shopping went well, I didn`t buy anything... lol. Just looking around. So for the Jordan Kenczka story, I went to the members house that I skyped at my first day in the area, and their daughter is serving a mission in mexico and she sent some pics. They were showing us the pics and in one of the pics she was sitting next to Jordan, he is her zone leader right now and gets to see her all the time. รง

Medium for the sweaters is perfect.

I`m happy you guys had such a great time with tiff and the kids. I`m a little jealous, but I think I`d rather be here doing what I`m doing :) I`m loving it. Honestly I can`t even explain how much I`m learning and growing. This past week I was already planning and thinking about a senior couple mission with my future wife. I can`t wait to serve another! You two need to get yours planned and hopping. I`ll help you learn spanish if you want!

I made a withdrawell today from the bank. it was 200 pesos so about 45 50? dollars. I`m already out of money for the month!! YIKES!!! but i`m good :) La Plata is a little bit more expensive.

Rotisserie chicken sounds supppppper good. But I`m eating rotisserie chicken with chimichurri :) MMMMM. You`ll love it dad.

We don`t talk to pres too much. We see him at least once a transfer so once every 6 weeks. And we write him a letter every week on pday and he responds sometimes. But other than that we don`t talk to him unless it`s an emergency. I live with the zone leaders, so we`re in constant contant, and my comp is the district leader. So I`m just surrounded by leaders! Hopefully I can learn something. ;)

This past week went well! We ate a TON of cake. Just about every other family we visit baked my comp a cake for his birthday last friday, and then we bought him two cakes as well. lol. I`m alllll caked out. We had two baptisms planned for this coming saturday, but one of them didn`t come to church... one did! So we should go through with that one on saturday, but the other one for a different week once she comes to church. We`re working hard and trying to find more people.

I got a cold this last week, but it`s already almost gone. I think it`s just the weather freaking out. One day it`s freezing, the next it`s spring weather, then the nights are freezing, and then it`s warm. It just can`t make up it`s mind. It`s worse than Utah.

Transfers are coming up in two weeks. I have no idea what`s going to happen with all the changes going on. I could be sent somewhere else if they shut down our area. But who knows! I don`t want to go, I`m loving my area. But I`ll go where he wants me to go!

Church was awesome yesterday. All of Argentina is freaking out with the temple opening in August. We have already started doing plans for the cultural event for the prophet and stuff it`s exciting. I hope that we can participate with the open house or somethign.

Well things are going great! I`m happy, and working hard with my comp. I should get my packages on thursday, but we`ll see. I`ll let you know.


Elder Gardner

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