Argentina, Buenos Aires South Mission

Monday, May 14, 2012


Hey fam!

It was soooo great to see you guys. I miss you all a ton. I`m super happy, and the language is a lot better. Not really improved a ton, but I feel comfortable with it :) I feel like it`s getting better, so I`m very content with that. I`m super tired too! I could definitely go for sleeping in a day. But maybe in a year and 2 months.

The kids were super cute. Gracy talking up a storm! Bailey was tired. But I don`t blame her. Ryder is a crack up. I can`t wait to see him. Not having heat isn`t too bad yet... I say that in the fall weather so we`ll see. I do use my sweaters. Almost every day! I wouldn`t mind more, but I`m making due with what I have so no worries. I know it`s expensive to send packages and stuff. Something else that I would love to have would be those tiny post it sticky notes that are transparent little tab ones, so I can put them in my scripture. I want quite a bit if it`s possible, maybe liek 2 or 3 packages. Just whenever you get another package ready, no rush. I have hi-lighters in pink, green, blue, and yellow thanks to moxy :) so it`d be nice to have them match the high lighters, so I can color code that`s what I want to do.

My comp is awesome. I really like him a lot. He`s a great missionary, and works hard. He`s a great teacher too, so I am learning a lot. Plus it really does help to speak spanish all the time. I actually like it because I want to get better. I don`t want to get back and not be able to speak well.

I hope grandma and grandpa were happy, They looked tired. please let them know how much I love them and appreciate all they do for me.

Well not too much has happened since yesterday. lol. We did some shopping with elder martindale today and got some ideas for stuff to get for you guys.

I love you guys! thanks for everything. I`m really greatful I can be here serving right now, it`s been such a blessing, and it`s changed my life.

chao chao

Elder Gardner

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