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Monday, March 5, 2012



I`m doing well this week. No weird sicknesses or anything! Weird right? I am starting to gain weight back :) Now I weight 167 instead of 163. I`ve started to pig out. Two members had birthdays yesterday. CAKE!!! The cake here is reallllly good. Lots of peaches and dulce de leche. The peaches are in season here. I`m a happy camper. They are really good. I`ve eaten a lot this last week.

The weather is starting to cool down. RIght now it`s down pouring rain. It`s a nice break from how hot it was for a while. It`s still pretty humid though.

We have been without water for three days. Also our hot water heater broke because it couldn`t fill up with water. So this morning, after not showering for two days and feeling disgusting, we hurried and filled all of our pots and pans with water and put them on the stove to warm them up so we could shower :) We wetted ourselves down with the cold dribbling water (because there wasn`t any water pressure either) and then poured the hot water on us from the pots :) Odly, after two days, it was the best shower I`ve had in a very long time. lol. We reeked. Argentina is crazy like that and will just cut the water or electricity to neighborhoods. We`ve never been without water for this long though. Maybe that`s why it`s raining! So we can get a lil shower on the way home :)

Victor`s confirmation was yesterday. It went well. I still can improve with my blessings. It`s hard to not have done them at all in English, and then have to do them in a different language right off the bat! lol. But, they`re improving. Nahuel, his twin brother, is still planning to get baptised this coming Sunday. Oh and those pictures, you can put any of them on the blog if you want.

We have some great investigators right now. 2 more that are prospective baptisms. All the other elders think I`m getting transferred this coming Monday, so we`ll see! It`s possible. I`ll probably find out Friday or Saturday. But you guys won`t find out until next Monday when I write :)

Love you guys! Hope you get to enjoy the trailor soon.

Elder Gardner

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