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Monday, February 27, 2012


Hey fam! I just sent some pics to your gmail.
and the sweaters. The grey one is perfect! I think v neck would be best though. I would love another one or two. I don´t think I´ll wear the sweater vests, but we´ll see! MAybe I will wear them once it´s actually cold :) another thing I could use is some basketball shorts. I have some, but I wear the same pair for everything, pdays and to sleep, and to wear around the pench. another pair would be nice. a medium I think. a size 32 I think. They might be cheap right now with it being winter lol.

Nothing crazy happened this week :) Just the train accident. That was a big deal here. EVeryone stopped to watch the news. It was really sad how many people died and got hurt. I guess it happened because the trains are really old, and the government won´t replace them or something.

I´m so happy you guys want to come pick me up. Are you still thinking of coming in the winter? That will be really fun for you guys to go to NYC with the girls. I hope it all works out!

FHE went really well. It was really fun. THey all loved the tacos :) and we watched legacy. It was a great night.

We had the baptism this last week. That was such a great experience.  People are prepared, we just have to find them.

We had dinner with the couple that speaks english last night. it´s always fun. They are a really fun couple. He asked us to give them a blessing again. He always wants us to come watch tv with him and stuff, he´s funny. He used to be a member, and was sealed to his family only a couple years ago. But he just devolped some other beliefs. He still accepts us though.

Guess what. I ate tomatoes this week! Weird right? First I ate them with the tacos, and I liked them. Then, I ate them on a sandwich on saturday, and yesterday on pizza. I don´t know what´s gotten in to me, but I´m eating them! The texture is still hard for me, but I like the flavor.

With teaching, I just like teaching. I´m getting better at it. Yes, I can teach without a companion, but it´s better with a companion. THere´s a reason we teach two by two :) ANd for questions, it´s probably the plan of salvation. Most people have questions about the plan. But it´s different for each person. Sometimes they completely accept it, but have a hard time with the importance of baptism, or going to church or something. That´s why preach my gospel is so key. We have to develop our teachings to each investigator instead of just reciting the same 7 lessons to each investigator.

thanks for all!

Love ya.

Elder gardner

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