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Monday, March 19, 2012


Hey yall!

I`m doing well :) 
I`ll keep an eye out for the package, but we only get mail once a transfer. So it could be another month before I will actually receive it. 
This last week was a little tough, it was super slow. And, all of our appointments kept falling through. A lot of tracting this week. But we got a couple good return appointments with them. Always working! 
The confirmation of Nahuel was yesterday. It went well. The ward is an awesome support for them and they are loving it and looking forward to the priesthood this coming september. 
Argentinas weather is crazy. Mood swings. Its nice some days, and hot others still. April should cool us down hopefully. I have been missing the cold lately. We`ll see if I say that in the middle of July with no heater :) 
Nothing really too crazy! Elder Reynolds and I have been struggling to find new investigators, we`re trying a couple different things to find new people. But, the best way to find them is through the members, and references. But, we`re not receiving too many lately. Our ward is great. They kind of think of us as home teachers a lot of them. I think they forget we`re here to first find new people, and then rescue the others. They all just want us to spend our time with inactive members. That`s important too, but it isn`t the first thing on the list. 
I had Argentine sour krout yesterday. It`s better than US sour krout. 
I miss good ol` US food. Today, I just wanted a good polar king bacon cheese burger. Next  package kay? The food here is super good, but it`s always the same things. Not much variety. I could use some spicy food too. It is all very mild here. I do love empanadas and ñoquis. Argentines are pasta masters. I eat a lot of pasta. And it`s very cheap, so when we don`t eat pasta at a members house, we usually just cook pasta. It`s only 2 pesos a bag (45 cents). 
Well, I`m excited to see pics of the trailer. I hope all is well with you guys!

Love ya!

Elder Gardner

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