Argentina, Buenos Aires South Mission

Monday, February 20, 2012


Hey Fam!

Sorry, I can´t do anything about the pics, the computers here are a little behind the times. That will be fun for NYC to be with becky and mohommad. That will be great to have a guide! How are they doing? Why are they moving to NJ?  I´m glad all the family is doing well.

A CAMPER?? All I can say is it´s about time. Those words have been coming out of your mouth since we sold the little green one. :) But i´m happy for you guys! It´ll be really fun when I get home. I´m expecting you guys to use it!
That´s fun for Amber! I´m really glad she´s so happy about her mission call. That will be cold! and we are on complete opposite ends of the hemispheres! lol.But that´s okay, that´s where she is needed.
Well this last week for us was a slow one, we both got sick. Elder Reynolds had an eye problem a while back, and it came back stronger this last week. The doctors had no idea what it was, so we spent two days traveling between appointments and hospitals. It was fun to see more of the city, but they were long days. Then we spent two more days in the apartment because he couldn´t work with his problem, he said it felt like someone was in his head punching his eyes, and they were VERY bloodshot. But after a lot of benedryl, he is doing a lot better. We´re thinking they were allergies to something in the air, and constantly being on bikes and the are in our eyes, yeah. THen I got the flu. And spent the night in the bathroom throwing up. I don´t remember the last time I threw up, but I think all the argentine food finally got to me. It was just the 24 hour bug though. I slept litterally the whole day, and woke up ready for church. So all is well!
We have an FHE with a family tonight, We are cooking tacos for them. THey are all super excited for tacos (mexican food). And we are going to watch the testaments. It will be fun.

Well I love you guys a lot!!! THanks for everything, talk to you next week.

Elder Gardner

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