Argentina, Buenos Aires South Mission

Tuesday, November 20, 2012


Hey family!!!

So, I have news!!! I have been trasferred! After 11 months in Glew, I got trasferred suuuuper far. Just kidding... only three train stations away lol. But I am happy with the change. I am now in Adrogue, where the offices of the mission are. So, I am just in one of the most richest parts of Buenos Aires... lol. It`s realllllllly nice. The houses are castles. Which means that it is a tougher area for missionary work (that is until Elder Gardner showed up). I am excited though. President has called me to be District leader so that will be an adventure! I live in an apartment with 4 other elders, we`re five in total. The other three are the elders in the offices. But! We have the only pench in the mission with air conditioning :) That`s okay, I`m not mad. One of the office elders is my old comp, elder Parker. So we`ll have a blast. I was sad to leave Glew, and all the people I have grown to love, but after 11 months, it was time.
We did have a baptism on saturday! YEAH! His name is Oscar, and he is awesome. He is like 50 years old, and we are going to baptize his mom in two weeks. Well WE as in the elders of Glew... They all sent me off well in Glew. We had three dinners last night... And I woke up feeling amazing running to the bathroom with explosive squitters. MMMMM Chao Glew! lol.
My new comp is Elder Romanella. He is Argentine, but has lived in Cancun for the last 10 years. He speaks english really well. He is a newby, he arrived to Argentina the same time as my hijo, elder Aguero. But he is really chill.
I didn`t even remember that it was thanksgiving lol.
Well things are going well. I am happy, and content with all the changes. I love ya family, and I hope all is well!!!

Elder Gardner


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